Where’s Batman when you need him? 



Last weekend, although I am now over a year into my stay in Los Angeles, I decided to play tourist. I have been quite busy on the weekends the last few months looking for a house and working. Not much fun I tell ya. I finally needed a break. I was tired of work and tired of being second guessed by people who live isolated, secluded, homogenous lives.  I won’t go further into that because I could be here all day on a rant. And that would not help anything other than allowing me to ventilate a bit all the while elevating my perfect blood pressure. And I don’t need that. Thus, I decided to just chill out I treated myself to a Puerto Rican restaurant, checked out a new neighborhood and went on the Warner Brothers Studio tour. While not as much fun as the studio tour at Universal Studios, we still had a blast. Actually, a real blast as it was unseasonably cold out that day for Los Angeles.

I love the Gilmore Girls and I got to see its set. Got to see the cafe set for Lala Land.  I’ve yet to watch the film, though.  One day, I will fully enjoy my weekends. Baby steps for me. Baby steps.  My son enjoyed playing some of the video games and running around like a mad man. Then he really loved seeing the Batman cars at the end of the tour. It was a dark room with awesome cars that only an eight-year old boy could dream of having one day. As we walked around the back of the room, I felt a bit of nostalgia.  I saw the batman sign. Or the bat sign looking down on us from above.


Of all the superheroes, Batman is one of my favorite because he is so dark and troubled. He, too, was my mom’s favorite albeit for an entirely different reason. My mother found him handsome. She was used to Adam West and the like.  I don’t think I have a favorite Batman actor. Bale was brooding enough but I barely remember him. I didn’t mind Affleck. This surely wasn’t his worst role. We all know that was Gigli. I rooted for him to kills Superman. I am so over Superman. But I won’t go into that rant here.   I will just note being super at everything is boring. A snooze.  Moving on.


When I looked up above, I saw the bat signal. I smiled and thought of my mom looking down on us. She wouldn’t have cared for the cars.  But she would have still found it to be fun. She would have said some weird anecdotes about the Batman series and we would have been rolling our eyes.  Ah, what could have been.


When I look at this moment that I snapped, I also think about how nice it truly would be to have a bat signal. That would could look up in the sky and see a sign that help is near. More than ever we could, collectively, use a superhero. What if we all put the bat signal on and a bit of hope came raining down on us? Ah, to dream.





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