Sometimes you just want to rain on someone’s parade

I really try my best to remain calm, cool and collected with a sprinkling of good humor and snark. I try to be fair. I try to be just. I take great pride in my sense of fairness and justice. It’s a key element of how I live my life and how I describe myself. Have you ever taken one of those Myers Briggs test? They are everywhere and often so misused. But I’ll leave that particular rant for another day. I’ve taken the Myers Briggs and for a few seconds before I become my jaded yet optimistic self (go figure), I delight in my Myers Briggs scores. For I feel for a moment it captures me well. Well, of course it should as I fill out myself about myself. Sigh. I’m starting to rant. Let me pull myself back. 

I’m a jaded optimist. I’m an extroverted introvert. I’m a superstitious realist. I just love being so many things. I delight in my multifaceted self. And so should you. But above all I am fair. 

Now, I take great pride in being fair. But now I will share with you that occasionally I delight in raining on someone’s parade. And then a few seconds afterwards (maybe hours) I feel badly about it.  But yes, sometimes I relish preventing someone from enjoying an event. Usually I like to rain on the parade of humblebraggers. They are the worse and deserve a bit of rain to dampen their heightened, over-inflated ego.

As a New Yorker I was born with the snark DNA. Thus, if I catch a humblebrag I’m quick on the draw. But then I see the smiles turn into friend and I feel sad or perhaps pity for them. Of course, I have seen the affirmation memes of turning someone’s rain into a rainbow  or to poke the person raining on your parade with your umbrella (who comes up with these things?). These pithy saying and affirmations  assume that the people who rain on parades are mean or doing it without just cause. 

This may not be popular to say, but some people deserve it. And this is coming from me, the person who prides herself on being fair. Supposedly the phrase comes from Barbara Streisand’s Funny Girl. But I’ve actually never seen that film. Anyway, don’t know why I threw that in at this point. I did recently rained on someone’s parade and all those around me were glad that I did it. As the individual was insufferable humblebragging about something that actually wasn’t that great. A little rain shut the brag down and provided comfort to the circle. In a way, its a bit like Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He was a villain with a heart. Or rather, an earned soul. So what is the moral of the story? Rain on the parade of a humblebragger-someone who needs a bit of dampening. But don’t rain just to be mean. Rain to be fair. Got it?!

Just don’t go rain on my parade as I’m feeling good about letting it out. 😉

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