A pet peeve: I’ll be right back

A long time ago, back when I worked in my beloved city of New York, I was used to a lot of fast paced talking and moving. At times, I ate lunch while walking the city streets from one meeting to another. That’s how I rolled. Here in Los Angeles no one really works and I actually see people eating lunch. To me that’s an unbelievable sight. I suppose that’s healthy. Well the eating lunch part, not the lack of walking part. But I am not here to complain about Los Angeles. Back to New York for a second. 
I was one day sitting in my office meeting with a staff. We were going through a rather extensive list when she noted she needed to get something and that she would be right back. I was, of course, fine with that. It gave me a second to check up on other matters. Well, a second and a hundred more came and went and yet she hadn’t returned. After about 25 minutes passed I went over to her office where she was sitting at her desk totally working in something else. She was actually spinning a bit. I went in with my eyebrows raised and she looked startled. She had completely forgotten that we had been in a meeting and that I was waiting for her return. I laughed and walked away. Her mind was frazzled. No need to meet in that state of mind. 
But what got me going and still does, to this day, is when people say that they will be right back. First off, that is often not the case. People, including myself, get waylaid. I may run out of my office to get a document from the printer and I get stopped by five different for different conversations. My intention had been to be right back.

Second, isn’t it totally bad luck to say I’ll be right back. Yes, the Terminator noted he would be back and sure enough he did. But, my very superstitious nature, tells me it’s wrong to promise such a thing. Is that silly of me? My mom was very superstitious and would probably knock on wood everyone she said she would be back. 

It’s silly I know to fret over such a phrase. But there’s something about it that irks me. Or rather, something about it that gnaws at my consciousness. Is that better?  I am sure we all have phrases that bother us when repeatedly used by others. That’s mine for this week. We shall see what it is next week. 


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  1. The infinite ways we show the meaning of our words. If you say, “I’ll be right back”, even though life can get in the way, I believe you should come back at some point. Or, just be flat out honest and say, “My mind is not here,” and go take care of what is on your mind. My daughter and I eat every meal together. Even if she is just eating a midday snack, I will sit with her. It’s a moment we share that I don’t want to miss. xx


  2. I have went the lengths and i have walked the lines through despair and hardship times, so when it comes to people that have pet peeves about a person or a particular situation or thing, it’s kind of foolish to let your pet peeves be in your thoughts and stuck in your head all that does is bring on more frustrations with daily life of living socially around people, at the end of the story about pet peeves is having pet peeves caused you anxiety and stress instead.


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