I kissed him and I would do it again

I’m going to start this piece with a phrase that perhaps sounds a bit trite. But a mother’s love knows no bounds. My mother sacrificed much for me and I can never allow myself to forget it. With my son, I would do anything for him. I do believe he is firm in his knowledge that I love him and love him unconditionally. Although, occasionally I try to get him to admit he will be with me forever. He has agreed to that in principle. What a sweetheart.
I’m writing this short bit today while in the midst of dry heaving. I’m not feeling all the great. That’s an understatement. But despite my nausea, headache and body aches, I feel grand love. My son has been sick since this weekend. We took him to urgent care where they wrongly diagnosed him with an ear infection. He remained sick through the weekend and had to take him to the hospital. Eventually correctly diagnosed with a bad stomach virus.
My baby boy was scared, in pain and tired. I kissed him all over giving him belly rubs. I knew that by babying him with kisses I was exposing myself. I did it anyway. How can you not hug and kiss a sick child? Its impossible.
Thus, here I am in pain and feeling like a truck ran me over. But I would do it all over again. 
Now I need to try to sleep. I’m in pain but still filled with love.

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  1. Hope your son is better and stays healthy! I think as a mother any of us would do this in a heartbeat in a way of trying to take the sickness away from them and get it ourselves.


  2. Sorry to disabuse you, Mimi. My children are all grown up and have left me. The eldest bought me a box of my favourite chocolates and promised he’d keep in touch. (He did 🙂 They did).
    Didn’t your mother tell you that one of the perks of being a mum is that you can hug and kiss your babies all you like but can’t get sick? Mother Nature knows you can’t afford it, you’re too busy hugging, kissing and caring. I’d have a word with her if I was you.


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