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Don’t hit send: Even in the midst of a fiery sunrise 


I have always been attracted to fire.  Mesmerized. Intoxicated by it. It’s beautiful and dances alluringly so. Sadly, I have also seen firsthand the detriments of fire having had my home many, mnay years ago burned down. I was actually a young girl, a toddler and it is one of my first memories. I recall quite well staring at our house burn down while the firefighter held me in his arms. I suppose since then I have been hypnotized by fire. While I love staring at it, I am also weary of it.


I have taken tests such as the Meyers Briggs and otehr silly online tests to see what type of person I am. Interestingly, I am often on the cusp of mutiple categories. I am intuitive but also look for facts. I am an air person but also am a fire person (in terms of the elements). As an “air person”, I supposedly am entertaining, can spinning colorful stories and I delight in wordplay.  I can also be a radical thinker in that I don’t go by just how things have always been down before I suppose that can be true about me.   But who doesn’t think those things about themselves?  As a “fire person” I can be hot-tempered (go figure) and I may have the gift of transformation. I can turn negatives into positives. That I think I can do.  Here is the thing, we don’t have to be just one type of person.  Or at least I don’t have to be. And I am comfortable in that multi-dimensionality. There are too many peopel out there that want to put one in a box. I certainly don’t have to do it to myself.


But I have severely digressed. I was hear to talk about being in a fiery state of mind.


As I noted earier, I love fire. I love fiery sunrises and sunsets. Just memerizing. Every morning I try to take a photograph of the sunrise. For each one is new and none is guaranteed.




And as someone who loves fire and can be hot-tempered, I have learned (the hard way a long time ago) to watch myself when in such a fiery state of mind. One thing I have instilled within myself is to never send an email when I am angry. You know those emails that people down the hallway can hear you typing because you are banging away at the keyboard.   Those emails need to not be sent. Just don’t do it! Walk away


I have learned to type up those angry emails. I then walk away. I come back and either save them or delete them right away and start over. I like being impulsive. I love impromptu road trips. I buying a new pair of shoes impulsively. However, it does not pay off to send off impulsive emails. Especially, those that are angry. Its great to be fiery and to love watching a campfire. It is not good to have a fiery email unless you are planing to be like Elizabeth Warren and lead a rally.


Catch a fiery sunrise. Drink a cup of coffee and chill. Don’t go anywhere near the keyboard. And most definetely don’t hit send…..




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  1. You seem like such a calm and level-headed person in your writing that it’s hard for me to imagine you sending an angry email, but I guess everybody has that side of them. This was a great post. Your mental meanderings are always very entertaining and thought-provoking.


  2. lol I learnt to hit reply, delete the senders name and put my own name in the address field, and type away. got rid of all the anger, and only i could see it. had a couple of big mistakes before i learnt that message. unbeknownst to me, the sender was bccing all his mails to me. baiting me. disgusting. learning the art of emailing is a very important thing, and its relatively new, .. so yes, good advice.


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