It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it



I have had lot of earworms lately. Wish I could go to the doctor for that. Although, I must admit I like my earwomrs.  A lot of songs have been popping in my head and staying with me for days on end. I hum them in the shower. I hum them in the workplace. I occasionally turn songs to help me get through a very long,long business meeting. Its kind of like a surreal workplace musical that goes on in my head. One particular song that stayed with me for a few weeks was “Dodged a Bullet” by Greg Laswell. I still feel that song rather deeply. It speaks to and fits within my core. I nearly made a huge mistake and it was of my own doing. That bullet song makes me remember that.

I truly don’t know where I would be without music. It was a core component of my childhood. My mom loved music. Everyday (except for Good Friday) there was music playing either on the radio, TV or from her lips. She loved singing. She would record our singing all the time. By the time she died, there were thousands of recordings. Sadly, I don’t have a single one. That’s a sad story for another time. Music was and is part of me. I have my treadmill music. I have my walking music. I have my writing music. I even have my acupuncture music which consists of techno. I need really frenetic music in order to relax during acupuncture. Yes, my acupuncturist thought it was weird as well. But enough about the psychology of Mimi, let’s talk about a song.

I’ve had a song stuck in my head this week. Have you heard of the group Faith No More? They have a song “we care a lot” which highlights how little we care in actuality. Or at least that’s how I sing it. But the lyric that really sticks in my ear is:

its a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.”

Do you know how how many times I’ve had this thought?  A few jobs ago, my pointed work nickname was “pooperscooper”.  I picked up the dump that my boss dropped everywhere and anywhere. I also had to be the “bad guy” because someone had to do it.

On the flip side, there have been times when even when I was high up the so-called food chain, that I literally had to grab a plunger or a mop to clean up the poop. As a leader, there should never be a job too small or icky to take on. I believe in a servant leadership style and sometimes you just got to scoop up stuff. It amazes me when leaders feel they are too good for that. How do you think you become a leader? True some people buy their way up. And I feel sorry for them. How can you lead without having been led at some point and understanding the dirty jobs one has to do.


The song, admittedly, is more than just having to suck it up and do what no one else wants to do.  Although, I feel like that is the story of my life. It is also about fake interest in things just to put on a show. We often claim to care about a lot of things, but there is often no real teeth to that professed care. Yes, that song has been in my head a lot of lately.  It is a ringworm through and through. Because my earwomrns change with great frequency, I can’t wait till next one. They always suprise me. That is what i like about my ringworms. They truly do pop up and take over for a bit and then transform into something new. They should be more like butterflies. Ringworms are all about context and feelings.


I hope I have a fun, silly ringworm next. Why can’t I sing Call me Baby for a a day or two and do silly dances along with it?



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