How many times have you touched it today?

These days, our eyes hurt continously. Our arms ache and our fingers throb. Our minds race even as we desperately try to fall asleep. We fidget. We pace. We move. We are connected, never disconnected. Instead of leaving a tooth for the tooth fairy, we sleep with electronics under our pillow. What a wacky world we have become. 
According to some very bored researchers people tend to touch their smart phones between 2,617 to 5,427 times a day. That’s a minimum of a million touches a year for one smartphone. Maybe even two million for one smartphone. Some people carry two phones, a smart watch and an iPad on them. Imagine how many touches that adds up to. 
I have to be honest with you. I can’t remember what I may have touched as much as my smartphone before it existed. The television remote control? The refrigerator door handle?  My hair? 
Here’s another scary thought. These number of touches were what researchers found for adults. I can’t imagine how many touches kids have nowadays with electronics. Does growing up with so many screen touches end up changing how kids grow up and experience the world tactilely? 
Just the other day, I got a new computer screen for work. I have two computer screens. I was having difficulty with a document and I thus went to touch the screen to try to manipulate the document. I was aghast! My new computer screen was not a touchscreen. I wondered how could that be. I became completely irritated. I calmed down by looking for something on my iPad. Its a new world order, for sure. We’ve got a whole new sense of trigger fingers. And I have no idea what that really means for the future. 

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  1. Ugh. I know technology can be great for some things. The problem is, technology should be a way for us to get work done faster so we have more time for interaction and play. Instead, we have turned it into a way to make more work and distractions for ourselves. I wonder where we went so wrong. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to limit my screen time. I feel a lot better when I do, but it is hard when those around you don’t follow suit and mostly you just find yourself alone and longing for human contact. Hopefully people will wake up soon.

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  2. Balance…balance…and more balance is my personal answer to this quandary. I make a conscious effort to walk away from all devices and just be in the ‘now’ every day. That being said, sometimes it is a struggle because I am a creative consultant and the majority of my work takes place on a computer screen. I have a system where I meditate every day (usually in the morning) and get up and walk away from my computer every 1-2 hours for 10-15 minutes. Doing that helps tremendously. On really busy weeks, I take 1/2 day or more away from all devices (usually on the weekend) and go out and connect with people directly. It’s not a perfect system, but it has been very useful in helping me stay more balanced and connected to my fellow humans. Hope everyone has a great day! ~Peace


    • That’s a great system you have developed. Trying to be present in the now is so important. Thanks for sharing.

      I’m trying to get up at least once an hour. But as I walk around the office I still have my phone on me. I suppose its baby steps 🙂

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