Pet peeve: The returners 

Despite my love of travel, lattes, and electronics, as well as my allergy to fake jewelry, I am a simple girl. I’m like Julia Roberts standing in all her simplicity in a London bookstore in Notting Hill. Really. In all seriousness, I’m quite a simple girl unlike JLo (Ms I am now dating Drake JLo) who has claimed to no one’s belief that she is still Jenny from the Block. With those rocks and furs, you just can’t be. Anyway, this is not a case of the lady doth protest too much.    You know how I know, because I still like shopping at thrift stores. OK. So do celebrities. Whatever. I’m moving on to my main point. 
You know that there are always small things you cannot stand about loved ones and friends. Right?  One of the things that drives me absolutely bonkers are those friends of mine that return about 65% of the items they buy. They go into a store knowing full well they will return some of their purchases. What a waste of everyone’s time. Seriously. I have such a friend who feels that such returning behavior is completely normal to do so. She argues that you can’t really know the true fit of things until you see it at home. I don’t buy that argument (yes, pun intended). I would go crazy if I had to return so many items.

I went into full rage mode a few months back when I ordered super cute gray,7 1/2 sized shoes from Amazon and I received white, size 6 shoes instead. I was not so peeved at the egregious mistake. I was peeved that there was no easy quick way to get those white shoes returned. They wanted me to find a certain locker in LA and drop them them off there.  I didn’t have time for that at all. I messaged the chat person that I was not having this. Eventually, she must have figured it was a waste of her time to argue with an angry woman about her shoes. They refunded me the cost without me having to return the shoes. I have no idea where those shoes are but once I re-find them, into a donation bin they will go.  That was the annoyance I felt with one item. I don’t quite get how people return multiple items on a frequent basis.
I also dislike sending food back at a restaurant. I’ve read all the tell-all books by chefs. No way am I angering my waiter. Although, there was one time when I did send back my bowl of soup. Nothing annoys me more than lukewarm food. I’m actually quite afraid of it. I worked for a year at the city health department and read all the morning alerts regarding food poisoning throughout the city. Nope. No lukewarm food for me. And soup, forget about it. The other time I sent food back, I just could not stand the taste of the soda I had been given. It seemed stale. I sent the soda back only to realize that was how their soda tasted. 
Here’s the thing. If the food tastes bad, first off don’t take it out on the server. Second, add salt and never send it back. At least that is my philosophy. Yet, I have another friend who seems to delight in sending food back. Her argument is that she is paying for a supposedly good meal with her hard-earned money. Well, I argue you are paying for someone else to make your food. Whether its good or not, that’s a whole other story. I’m sure there are many differering opinions on this. I do a minimum test. If the entree is more than $30 I do believe it should be tasty(ish).  If we are looking at less than $12, I let it be.

Anyway, I have digressed into a whole other topic when I wanted to focus on people who constantly feel the need to return things. I just can’t do and for the life of me don’t get such exacting, perhaps uncertain behaviors. I know what I like and that is what I will get. Getting multiple items because I can’t make up my mind and thus plan on being unsure is just not my style. 
OK. That felt good to let out.


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  1. It amazes my dad how me and my mom could go inside a store for four hours and come out empty handed. We don’t like to return things either. So we really think hard about purchases. I do agree with you on food returning. Oh the horror stories I remember! My dad had a friend who runs a resto then I once dated a guy who’s in the business as well… scary.


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