My end of the year wish: May hope go viral


During the holidays you try to get past the moments of craziness of the year so that you can focus on the beauty of the now.   This year feels like it has been an especially tough one. Although, if I think about my own personal day to day life, the year has been pretty ok. And that is high praise for the year considering how much other people are professing to hate this year.   I had a new job for which I had to persevere through much but it has been no harder than any other job I have had. My son adjusted very nicely to Los Angeles getting a character counts award and has made friends in his new school.  I got to travel internationally again and I saw my family.  How much more does a person need?


Nationally and internationally, however, there is much pain.  There has to be a way to lessen this hardship.  As we move forward in rapid spiral towards the end of a year to the beginning of a new one, can we hope that hope goes viral?


I have been asking myself that for a while now.  Where can we see the good that occurs in this world?  I try everyday to bring good into this world. I don’t necessarily always succeed. I work at bringing heathcare to those that need it but I still pass countless homeless people living in tents with shopping carts as dressers.  I still hear many screams of pain late into the night.

Hope gone viral? When is the last time such an event occurred?  Pain and anger and outrage seem to go viral in a New York minute everyday these days.  Hope?  I recall a few months ago a news item about a teenage guy that helped an elderly lady out of her car and into a Dollar General store where he helped her shop and get back to her car. At the very beginning of the year a cashier at Target was lauded for being patient when an elderly lady paid for her purchase in coins.  Patience went viral. Does that not say something devastating about us as a collective?


I actually do not mean to be so downturned at this time of the year. Thus, I will shake it off or dust it off (whichever is more appropriate).  Probably dust it off as I really do not feel like danncing to Taylor Swift at the moment (what a weird year she had as well in that her saga with Kanye just never seems to end).


Permit me a second to be optimistic. On Christmas Eve we decided to go to the beach. Well, beachtown. We went to Santa Monica so as to see the sun hit the ocean. Its devastingly soothing. We went to park the car where we always do. As we pulled in a man came running to us and handed us a piece of paper. He gave us his paid ticket and guided us towards his just vacated stall that still had paid time on it. I was in a state of shock. Not so much for the kind act but because my New York reflexes had been a bit slow in recgnizing that there was someone running towards our car.  We pulled into the spot and thanked him. I pondered the situation for a second. How nice it was to just receive a random kind gesture. We didn’t seem like we needed any help. It was just a quiet moment of niceness.  As we started to get out of the car, another man came up to us and offered us his parking spot which was a monthly-pass spot. This time, my New York self sprung into action and wondered if there was a catch. Why was everyone being so helpful? Then we thanked him and advised him we were ok where we were. He then offered the spot to the next  car that came in. We walked away towards the festivities.


Two nice gestures in a row. Yes, there is always good out there. And yes, hope can be found in everything small and large.  Now if only we could solve that housing crisis problem. But maybe 2017 will bring us solutions.  We just have to be open to finding them in any random place…


PS. I just found out about singer George Michael’s death…May he rest in peace.

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  1. My goal for 2017 is to make every month (all 12 of them) as Hopeful, Healthy and Healing, as best I can. I will focus on every month to start, then every week, every day, and hopefully end the year with that same focus on every breath. If we can do this, I believe we will all find our parking spaces! Thanks for that wonderful End of Year Wish!!


  2. Loved this post. Would click on ‘like’ twice if I could 🙂 I’m happy for you, that you had those two random acts of kindness directed at you. For a year that’s been lousy for the world (like you, not personally for me), you found a nice ending? I do so wish you’re right, and hope goes viral.


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