Pet Peeve of the Year: Humble-bragging


A few years ago, I used to travel a ton for work. One of the places I had to go to, at least once a year, was Puerto Rico. My Spanish was not the greatest but I certainly tried my best to communicate and get my points across.  I did a fairly good job. And the fact that I was so humble while charming won many people over. There were, of course, a few people there that just didn’t get my sense of humor or awesomeness and they were thus less than impressed by my humility.  But I am remembering those years fondly today as I really loved how humble they found me to be and today was a day where I needed to remember that. That’s cool, right?

I suppose I was quite proud of being humble.  And yes, I note that I am humble bragging.  I think I tend to do it a bit. Yet despite my penchant for humblebragging, I must say it irks me when others do it.  And have you noticed that everyone is doing it now?  I used to be so unique years ago with my humble bragging ways. I did it just at the right time and right placed. I didn’t just humble brag at the drop of a hat as is done. At some point there must have been a tipping point that pushed everyone to engage in a bit of self-flattery disguised as humility.  
The term humblebrag was supposedly coined by Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels.  I have never seen that television show but I assume that it was filled with individuals that maybe were a little bit insuferable in terms of lack of self-reflection. I may be wrong about that.  However, the reason I believe that is the premise of said show is because everyday now I encounter such dispositions.  I am not too sure I actually hate the humblebragging act.  I think what I dislike is that people are so obvious about their humblebragging.  

I feel like humbragging should be an art. There should be some subtlety to it whereas someone may not get it right away.  But nowadays humblebragging is more like Kim Kardashian looking in a mirror taking a selfie.  There is nothing humble about it. And that just annoys me. If you are not humble about the bragging then it is just bragging.  Yet individuals will pat themselves on the back thinking they got one on over on us.  Nope. Not really. 
Anyway, at this point you might be wondering if this whole piece is just me doing one long humble brag. Well, of course it is. Right?

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  1. If you are not humble about the bragging then it is just bragging – I totally agree. Finally, I’ve read a line that is right on my cerebral wavelength. I do not consider myself intelligent at all, this line would be difficult for people of reasonable intelligence to grasp…and yet, and yet…I totally get it. Really, more people in this world should be like me…humble enough to admit my intellectual limitations, but not so humble as to ignore how my intellect is above everyone else’s….aaaaah! It’s good to be me.


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