Beauty and the Beast: The one fairy tale I do like

A few days back I noted that I do not care for fairy tales. They are a tad bit boring in my view and rarely offer any originality. But that is not to say I hate all fairy tales. I was always partial to one, that being Beauty and the Beast. I mean, its not that original either and we are constantly faced with such an odd coupling in society. Look at our President-elect and his wife.  Thus, in that sense I don’t care for that age-old story.  Of course, the beastliness in these stories is about the external mannerisms. Inside the beast is a puppy. Probably a little bulldog puppy. Are those cute or what? Truly.

What is it about the Beauty and the Beast story that appeals to me?  First off, I love the name Belle. But that is not that important. Second, I love that Belle reads and appears to be smart and kind. These days there are less people reading actual books.  Many just read Facebook posts that are overtly biased and/or misleading. Apparently, Facebook has been all about the fake news these days.  Is that not just abhorrent? People don’t read and when they do, they are reading false stories meant to bring the hatred on.  I shudder. But I digress. Back to Belle. Lets hear it for the girl. She reads for the love of reading!

Third, I appreciate that Belle and the Beast they get to know each other. This whole falling in love due to destiny or a kiss given while slumbering seems quite silly. Have you seen that recent commercial where Sleeping Beauty pretends to be asleep and let’s the Prince ride away? I love that!

Fourth, and by far the best reason in my view, are the talking appliances. Or rather, magical appliances and furniture. I like to imagine how my appliances would react and sing in such a world. My microwave would definitely feel the most put upon and would probably vent continously. My stove would feel lonely and show constant need for attention. I imagine my stove being a little like Dory. The refrigerator would complain of how wishy-washy I am and how it is tired of cheese. It would be starving for meat. Probably obsessed. My television would note that it is in no way aware of what the current state of the world is and would thus be the one most sheltered. My laptop would probably dance the tango with me. Sadly, there would be no clocks running on time.



Do I need a vacation?

I do have to note that many of these things that I like about Beauty and the Beast appear to be unique to the Disney version of the Fairytale as the original story by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont depicted a darker, more depressing world. The Disney version is filled with magic and truly transports one to a different mindset. And that will be the one time I give such high praise to Disney. So, go ahead and be my guest and dream away of how your furniture would dance and sing about you.

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  1. Beauty and the Beast was always a story I enjoyed, and though I dislike the Disney versions of these classic Tales, I did love the movie for the very reasons you mentioned. I’m all about reading and educating your mind, particularly if you’re a girl. But I’m a sucker for fairy tales anyway. As always, a very good and thought-provoking post by you.

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  2. I actually like all Disney films 🙂 all the live-action movies from nowadays don’t seem to stand up against the cartoons from back in the days but indeed Belle & the Beast does have my attention it looks really good in the live-action film.


  3. I think you need to get in touch with Disney studios and/or the animators of Beauty and the Beast so the behaviors of the appliances (and maybe even the appliances themselves) can be updated to the 21st century.


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