I’m feeling restless: Which Harry Potter dorm should I live in?


I have been pensive this past week. Actuallt, more like these past few weeks. I am wondering what will be my path forward and where will I end up. I like where I am. Yet my feet and legs are restless.   Extremely restless. They want to move. Perhaps they mean to just dance.  But who has time to dance. I suppose I could go do some aerobics. But that is a tad bit too old school for me. What I am wandering about, if my legs are restless, is whether my brain is restless as well?  Does my brain need some movement? I can’t even imagine what that brain movement would entail.  I suppose if I think about it deeply enough, I suppose my brain wants new food. Meaning, new ideas to chew on and new places to see.


I keep wondering and wondering. I am restless and need some movement.  I feel that I have to make some kind of choice. I’m itching to choose. Yet, I do not know what I am choosing. Perhaps I am supposed to pick between the red or blue pill. Which will it be? Do I get to have a fancy trenchcoat? Is there a door out there I am to pick?


As I stare out my cityscape window and wonder about my future, I start thinking of Harry Potter. I have all the books. I far preferred the books to the movies.  I’m wondering if I should re-read the books. Is it time yet? I think I waited a good 15 years before I re-read Catcher in the Rye.  I think if I ever get a chance to read again, I might pick up the Harry Potter books but there must be so many other good things to read out there. I ordered “Brown is the new White” and have only gotten through page two. Sigh.

Harry Potter, however, offers an escape. He suffers much at the hands of bully but he always overcomes even if filled with sorrow and lost. I must admit, however, I never found his abilities (his so-called skills that led him to overcome) to be all that impressive. I suppose it was always the love of his parents that led to his accomplishments. A nice story, I suppose. At this moment, I would gladly live in the Harry Potter Universe. I love the idea of icky sweets and trains chugging along in a mysterious otherworld. I also like the idea of the beauitiful campus and the dorms therein.  I have always wanted to live in a castle-like structure.
If I were to live in such a world, I would not choose to live in Gyffindor. It would be insufferable to live in the same space as Harry Potter and Hermione. Who wants to live with Mr Perfect and Ms Know-it-all?  There’s nothing wrong with being a know-it-all. There are just better rommate personalities.  Just saying. Of course, I can’t readily admit that living in Slytherin would be tempting. Moving on.

If you are familiar with the Harry Potterverse you will know that leaves me with two choices: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Right off the bat, I am attracted to Ravenclaw because it conjures up images of creepy Edgar Allen Poe vibes circulating throughout. The dorm is located in a turret which makes me dream grand dreams. I love the turret image. It fantastical. The rooms are also sky blue. Again, dreamy.  I assume these indviduals may be a bit quirky.

Then there is Hufflepuff. The name seems a tad bit goofy. I immediately think PowerPuff Girls. I am not too sure that I would like that association. But here is the kicker. It has overstuffed sofas and chairs in bumblee colors. The dorm is reached through sets of round doors in the walls of the common room. From there you go down to the dungeon near the kitchens. Darkness with light emanting from copper lamps. They have copper bedwarmers hanging on the walls as well.


I like turrets and being ale to hear the wind and see sky blue colors.   But in a way that is where I am now. I like near the top of a skyscraper in Los Angeles. I can hear the wind. I can also hear the helicopters. Every morning I do take a photo of the sun rising. But if my legs, soul and mind are restless , should I perahps go for the exact opposite? Should I head to the dungeons and get some copper bedwarmers?   I have to be honest with you, dear reader, I am not too sure where this metaphor means or is leading me towards.


But as of now, I choose the goofy sounding, dungeon living Hufflepuff.




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  1. I actually see you as much more a Ravenclaw, like myself. We both seem to be creatures of the mind who are very analytical about the world around us. But your description of the Hufflepuff quarters sounds very comforting as well. I think we all need a little comfort these days. Very nice post.


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