How Pretty Little Liars will get me through the next week


I am so stressed out at the moment that I am about to go on a week-long binge. Actually it may be shorter than a week. Either way I am about to binge. I just figured out I have less than 4 weeks to plan a holiday trip that now has to be sandwiched between work meetings. The diet ginger ale I ordered from Amazon arrived battered and flat-tasting. Plus,  I am tired of the negativity on the news these days. I am tired of the shouting and screaming on news shows and even in written news pieces. Civility seems to have left the building.  It is long, long gone. And I’m tired of uncivilized discourses. I don’t think I am the only one. 
As a result of all this craziness, I am putting my news watching on a moratorium. I am going to pretend to be one of those people that can completely disconnect from the world. Admittedly, I am not very good at that. I am one those people that loves being connected to the world and watching the news and being in the know. I like to have informed opinions. But information is solely lacking out there these days. With that said, I am doing my own version of disconnecting.


Starting today, I am going to binge, binge, and binge.  I recorded last season’s Pretty Little Liars and have not yet had a chance to watch the ten episodes. Well, today, I start that binge journey. My understanding is that there is a new killer in town and that the next season is the last. I admit there have been times when this search for A and then AD has worn thin, but I am committed to finishing this series. Plus, what better way to disconnect from the crazy world around us than to binge watch a show of crazy young women who tell worse and worse lies as they are being terrorized by a killer or two. The show actually seems more real than our collective reality at the moment. Sad state of affairs, I tell you.


Once I am done binge watching Pretty Little Liars, which I expect to take about just one day, I will get going on How to Get Away with Murder. Although, I only have six of those episodes recorded. Hmm. It seems I have a theme going here, don’t I?  But I promised myself I wouldn’t psychoanalyze me. I will leave that to someone else to do. After that, what can I do to just continue to disconnect from it all? 
Luckily, in America we have tons and tons of bad television. Good series as well, of course. The joy, however, comes from watching horrifically bad shows.  Thus, I may very well decide to watch the whole Sharnado movie set. Oh my! What will become of my brain by the end of next week?
Stay tuned…



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