Missing my little house: Am I becoming a curmudgeon?



This is my tenth month in Los Angeles and I have been trying to make the most of my time here. I like it better than San Francisco; namely because the weather is so much better. San Francisco was always so dreary wrapped up in fog. I need sun to soak into my skin. Too many people are severely deficient in vitamin D, myself included.  Thus, Los Angeles sits well with my skin’s needs. And while I love the view from my skyrise apartment, I must say I miss my little home back east.  Which is quite weird for me considering that I grew up in apartments.

I have always loved apartment living. Its what I know. What I knew. Apartment building are little communities onto themselves. If you live in a ritzy building you can have gym access as well. I like having as many amenities as I currently do with a gym, pool, and hot tub. Plus, I get access to conference rooms.  We also have shared grilling stations. Its like living in a house but not.


However, lately I have been finding myself looking at houses for sale. I have been looking at random places in California as well as across the country. I start day dreaming of a house where I have my own pool, my own yard and beautiful stained glass windows. I dream of having my own home office with an exercise station that I don’t have to share with others. Now there is the rub. I wouldn’t have to share with others.  I am left wondering if I am becoming a curmudgeon. Considering that large portions of my day are at work where I have to be around a lot of people, I am beginning to feel the need to just go home and see no strangers. I want to go home and not feel like I have to make small talk in the lobby or elevator.   That’s not being a curmudgeon, right?  I believe that many of us feel that way.


The world just keeps throwing more and more forced interactions upon us and we keep becoming more and more isolated as a result. Instead of trying to catch a cab on the street, we now press a button on an app on our phones. Instead of going to the stores that but awesome gifts for our loved ones, we go onto Amazon and click away. Instead of catching the latest movie release or going to a “video” store, we stay at home and catch a movie on netflix. We want everything personalized and where we are at. We don’t relish as much going to places to address our needs. Now, we even want doctors to see us at home through another app on our computers or phones. If I am to get this much service at home, I want my house back. Or a new house.





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  1. Great use of some descriptive words in your posts this week. I liked how you described walking in L.A. as staccato and, as an added bonus, you used curmudgeon, one of my own personal favorite descriptions of myself, in this post. Wonderful!


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