My pet peeve of the day: Bathroom mirrors with a television


Ok, as far as pet peeves go, this is admittedly a very silly one. How often do you encounter a bathroom mirror with a television system embedded in it? I travel lots and have come across such a mirror three times.  And each time, I have stayed at a hotel that had that, I hated the experience.


I was in Chicago a few months back and the hotel was nice enough. It tried to fancy itself as a high-end hotel but it wasn’t as I was staying there for work. I don’t waste (or try not to) company funds on high-end hotels. I spend most of my time during business trips at meetings. I spend at most 6 hours sleeping and then add on 2-3 more for working in the room, showering and getting dressed. What’s the point of a super fancy hotel? Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t skimp out and stay at motel 6.

Anyway, because I do not spend much time in my hotels. Why would I need a television screen embedded in my mirror. I don’t take baths in hotels because I don’t trust they are super clean. They may be clean, but not super clean. I take a bath every day at home but on the road… no thanks. If my hotel room were super big perhaps a tv in the mirror would be good so I would not have to increase the room television’s volume. Thus, I would be a good neighbor. Which seems to be lacking at some hotels these days.

My hotel room in Chicago recently, besides the television screen in the mirror, had a nice shower stall but no bath.  There was no way possible for me to view the television from the shower. Again, what was the point of it? I never found a use for it and was thus peeved.

Now tell me what society needs a television in the mirror? Do you not like looking at yourself? Do you need to see yourself as someone else? Do you need a talking mirror to grant you wishes? Perhaps hotels are playing off that talking mirror bit in fairy tales. But I can assure you no prince will emerge from.the mirror.

Again, admittedly. A silly inconsequential to be peeved about. But it is the weekend, sunny and gorgeous in southern California. I needed something to be peeved about. A mirror with a television is as good as anything to be peeved about.

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  1. I have never seen a mirror with a television in it. Sounds like something out of the Jetsons. Maybe i just need to get out more. Lol. I do have a tendency to hide under a big figurative rock sometimes. Especially these days when news about horrible human Trump is everywhere all the time. Could be why i’ve never seen one of these contraptions. Anyway, i don’t see a point either to such a mirror.


  2. Possibly another example of some people’s insane desire to be connected 24/7? Also, possibly another marketing tool if the hotel or other businesses ran ads through that screen. Not a terribly attractive feature of a hotel room, either way.


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