Alex in Wonderland and the Tarts


He always wondered what had been so special about Alice. Why her? What did she have that others didn’t? Namely him?  He had always been friends with white rabbits. He had a natural way with them and they trusted him unequivocally.  He would never had needed post-its telling him to “drink me” or “eat me”. He would have naturally have known what to do.  And having tea everyday at 6pm? What a glorious thing that would have been.

He had to try at least on more time.  After seeing Alice at yet another party where he was the photographer, he couldn’t stand her level of narcissism.  She went back and forth between the worlds and her constant self-photographs were unnerving. Had she no shame?

He jogged down to the river carrying his trusted camera. Because he was ever hopeful he was always ready.

He sat at the riverbed dreaming. He blinked for far away there was the white rabbit. THE white rabbit. He called to him and all of a sudden he fell through a swirl.

He held tightly onto his camera. He landed on his feet and looked around.

He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t stop smiling He was here. He was here and she was not.

The white rabbit coughed. He explained to Alex that he brought him here for a very special session.

He was to do a glamour magazine photo-shoot of the rabbit wherein his true story would be told.  He warned Alex that you cannot let other’s control your narrative. And thus he was ready to tell the world his story.


The mock turtle came by and stood to the right side of the rabbit with a pair of hearts. They laid out the tarts. Those tarts!!! And the story telling and photo shoot began.

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  1. I just tried to watch Disney’s Animated version of Alice. I did not understand it and I did not like it at all. I’m not sure I understand the full message of this post, but I do like it more. Certainly more than the Disney version…so, I’ll have my tarts now please.


  2. Your posts are always so fascinating and entertaining! I like this one. I, too, never much cared for Alice and have always thought it would be great to find a book written from the viewpoint of other characters in Wonderland. This is a good start. πŸ™‚


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