Where am I going as I ready the tracks of my life?


I know that my parent’s generation consisted of people that were committed, wedded, to their jobs They were committed in the sense that they were long-timers, life-timers or in it for the long haul. These days, I believe we are all in agreement that Millenials will at most stay three years at a job. Well, that is if they do not get promoted to being the CEO in the span of three years after starting as interns. That is pointed sarcasm folks. GenExrs are in-betweeners. We stay a while to attain skills but at some point we suffer a mid-life or existential crisis. From the beginning of the Generation X label we were thought to be suffering from ennui. Notably ennui is defined as “a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement.”  Yet we tended to not jump from job to job in very short time spans. Now, however, Generation X is at a point that it must stay in its despair or move on ad move on multiple times such as I have done the past year.


Today, I am literally en route back to California from Durban, South Africa. It was an interesting trip that started off on a literally long journey and watching turmoil from afar, i.e. Nice terror attack and Turkey’s Military coup attempt. I attended the International AIDS Conference to present some of my research and it may have been my last hurrah in the HIV/AIDS field.  I have moved on job wise and now I supposed specialize in a different field.  As such I am wondering “what now?” and “where to now?”

I am a bit nostalgic for my life of the past but I am also excited for the changes I am  currently experiencing and curious about what is to come. Sometimes I wish that magic 8 ball truly worked and sometimes I wish I could have a talking mirror. However, I am the one that is in charge of my fate and I need to steer it down a track of my choosing.

Taking flight and track

Like an old-school vagabond

Change rocks my life-track

train track


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  1. As a boomer, I’m still trying to figure out what the differences are between Gen Xers and Gen Yers. I guess the latter the latter are also known as millenials. I was at a meeting last night where a self-described millenial offered advice to mentors of her fellow millenials about how to present themselves in the job search. I didn’t agree with some of it but maybe that’s because I’ve regressed to some of these behaviors myself! I am going to copy some of your (self) description into the cheat sheet I am building to help differentiate among all the newer labels for succeeding generations.


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