Still-life bores me: Give me moving life

I have taken numerous art history classes throughout my life span as a way to enrich myself. It has always been for my own edification.  and have loved learning of the passion, the politics and the madness within and as a result of art. In that vein, I don’t care for still life artwork. You know the kind. The ones of fruits and other still objects. Sure some are beautiful in technique. But to me, there is a lack of vibrancy.
I am someone who is all about movement. I fidget about a hundred miles a minute, if that is possible and correct analogy. I move. I pace. I tap. I walk about. I need to express and let out energy. Still life bores me. So much so, that I now try to capture movement at every turn.

I have a set of fancy cameras that I love to use on the “sports” setting. I like to snap photographs of people, animals, trains and the like in the middle of motion. The choreography of movement is something breathtaking to take in and on.

The irony, of course, being that once you capture movement onto film it’s still waiting to be gazed upon.

Look at the beauty of this photograph of a swimming animal. Its been caught mid-movement. It shines and awesome. And what is it? Is it necessary to know?

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