How to get me to Alaska?


Alaska,  it’s our last Frontier. Well, there are areas in Maine that claim to be frontier land. However, I have been to Maine. Admittedly, I have not been to the true frontier parts of Maine. Apparently, there are areas in Maine with signage noting they are the frontier. And by that, I believe they mean to warn us non-frontier people, that a moose or two might be found wandering about. Whatever they mean, I have only been to the non-frontier part of Maine. I must say, I never felt like we were far away when in Maine. Truly felt connected still to everything else. Perhaps even more connected than California. The three hour time difference on the western part of the US is enough to put a real psychological distance. For instance, there are many television shows that broadcast live in the East Coast to only be shown the taped footage out west. Its a true time warp feeling. When I first moved out west it took a while to adjust to it. But you never fully get used to it. Many business functions still go by east coast time. But there is not much one can do about this and you just try to enjoy the perks of California living, i.e. no snow to shovel. But I have much digressed.

At this point in my life I have lived in 17 cities. I have traveled to all continents except for Antarctica. I have been to all US states except for one. Alaska.

Alaska is my last frontier. I wanted to visit Alaska this summer so that I could meet one of my life’s goals of having been to all 50 states. And, I do not mean passing through an airport or the like. I have spent time and a night in each state. I would love to do it thus year. I’m itching to reach a significant milestone. My problem is when can I find the time to do so.

I have already been traveling non-stop, to and fro from New York and San Francisco and then San Francisco and Los Angeles. I’m tired. I am also going to South Africa this summer (part business and part vacation) have not prepared for that at all. Then I have my son’s birthday trip to San Diego. Then I have more business trips to Chicago and the like. How can a girl get north to Alaska with such a busy schedule?

I must, though. It is a life’s goal that is within reach. I cannot just assume that it will happen some day. Such passive dreaming is for the birds. Although, they fly quite purposely at times. Maybe it is time for a vision board where I visualize myself fighting off a moose knee deep in snow. I need not do a summer cruise. Although everyone says that is one cruise worth doing as it is just such a stunning landscape Why not fly in october and experience a completely different time of year than most Alaska tourists? I need not have everyone else’s journey. I just need my own. Yes, I can do this.

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  1. How about a ‘real’ Alaskan experience and visit Fairbanks in March? Not the touristy city like Anchorage and not during high summer but to a city that shuns RV’s and a time of year that most would think unlivable. Yes you will need some warm clothing but you may get lucky and it will only be -10 so nothing like winter with its -40 and ‘real’ Alaskan entertainment… The Yukon Quest dog sled race or the North American dog races plus the International ice carving festival or how about the locally quaint ‘outhouse races’? The icing will be the opportunity to stand under the northern lights for a few nights… well you wanted the last frontier right?


    • I would love that. I had considered last year going in march. I like going to places during off seasin. More real, at times. I would love, love the quest dog sked race. Will look into it 🙂


  2. Maybe time to commit to that “Last frontier ” of SPACE!
    Though, even in space, the space station may have a “Welcome” sign flashing. Takes away the pioneer feeling somewhat I guess.


  3. Ok so as to the “real Alaska” that depends on your perspective. Everyone feels that where they live is the real Alaska and anyone south are just a bunch of posers. I would say that there are many unique experiences from Anchorage to Bush village to “off the grid”. To my mind the bush is better. You meet good people and have social experiences but are still steps from the off the grid experience. One way to get there is to become a teacher. Districts provide housing for bush teachers (couldn’t get housing otherwise) and you have stable income to do outdoors things. If you want to know more check out my blog


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