June gloom is real..go figure


I have often complained about the fact that it almost always rains on my birthday. Its in early May still undergoing the transition from April showers. This past year, I didn’t have rain on my birthday and it was wondrous. I had a colleague that similarly complained of bad weather on her birthday which is early June. I remember wondering if that was indeed true. For me, June is just a time of summer transition, freedom and happiness. I didn’t believe her, although I didn’t think she was lying. I just could not fathom a depressing, rainy June day.

Of course, in San Francisco almost every day starts with a thick layer of fog. Thus, the days in June are expected to not be super sunny. I came to tolerate the San Francisco fog. Although, I have always been a bit fearful of fog since my mom took me as a child to watch a horror film called The Fog. Hispanics, in general (although not me) like horror films and keep that genre going. Thus, it is not abnormal that I went to watch that horror film as a kid. But I digress. I am fearful of fog since I am often left wondering what lies within. With my predisposition and June stereotypes I moved to Los Angeles expecting the whole sunny universe. I mean, in December when I just got here, we were at the beach. How fabulous is that?

Now it is June and it is all about the gloom. I’m in shock. Almost everyday thus far has been hazy, cool and blah. At least until 11am or so. The local weatherman explained it to me (well not to me personally). We are experiencing the phenomenon of June Gloom. Apparently, it is typical to experience cloudy, overcast skies with cool temperatures in southern California in the month of June. Who knew? Why didn’t the tv shows 90210 or LA Law ever discuss this? I don’t think NCIS Los Angeles has featured this phenomenon and we all rely on pop culture and television for our understanding of the world. I do admit to repeatedly singing that “Sweater Weather” song where I belt out “’cause it’s too cold for you here and now so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.” I do have to admit, as well, that I keep singing that song because one of my neighbors includes a cover band that constantly practices this song.

Occasionally the phrase June Gloom is also used to describe the state of play for the LA Dodgers. Since I’m a New York girl who, even though I wasn’t born yet at that time, still smarts about the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn, I’m ok with them sucking. That type of June Gloom I am cool with. One could even say it makes me sunny.

I have rambled but I will leave you with this. June Gloom is real. I’m left wondering if Los Angeles did a whole bait and switch on me. It promised me the land of surf and sun. All I am getting is gloom. It certainly doesn’t help that national events have been sickening, depressing and troubling. What else does this June have up its sleeve?

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