It cost me everything and then it didn’t

Your anger bubbled over
Yet it was just for a bauble
You drew an unmovable line in the sand
Yet it was meant to just be pretty and fluid

It became a disheartening symbol
Our fractured relationship embedded within
There is no coming back or going forward
Why, why did you take such a stance?

There was no betrayal moreover
No head to bobble
Just had to make a crash land
While you hid

All this anger and vitriolic cymbals
No slight intended or given
So brazen on your story forward
Halt your phony wounded ego dance

Take it back
Take back your false words of comfort
Take back your showy show of rapport
Take it all back

For it was all hollow

Admiration doesn’t live here anymore

I thought it cost me everything

Now I see there was nothing there




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