It may help to turn the coffee maker on


There are days where I wonder how am I even going to make it throughout the day without losing my mind. I get up, put the coffeemaker on and waddle around. I pull out my phone and look at my calendar and sigh. I often see meeting after meeting where I don’t even have time for a restroom, let alone, lunch break. That’s not even the worst of it. The worst part is that half of those upcoming meetings are enough to give one a brain aneurysm due to the topic, people or both.

All I can do at times is get up and make myself a cup of coffee and stare blankly at the television while I prepare to go exercise.  I love working out in the mornings because it helps give me clarity. I am there to improve myself and my fitness. That, my friends, is not a bad goal with which to start off the day. If you can start off with a positive goal it can help set the tone for the rest of the day. No matter how many silly meetings I will be in throughout the day, I at least started the day off right.

Sadly, there are days where not only do I have a slew of meetings ahead, but also where I get started horrendously on the tired side of life.  I get up, go to the kitchen, put the coffee grounds in and walk away, I come back a few minutes later to realize that there is no coffee ready because I forgot to turn on the coffeemaker.  On days such as those, it may be best to just go back to bed and try a do-over. Or one an try putting the coffee maker on. Simple solution, I suppose. If I frame it that way, I get a small win to start off the day, even if its a win to a lack of mindfulness.

Not putting on the coffee-maker demonstrates the zombification of our lives. We are waddling through life, at times, putting in the set motions. Then there are times when we can not even do that bare minimum. I have one solution for my problem. I should just pre-set my coffeemaker so that it just goes aheads and makes the coffee on its own.  This way, I can become even more of a zombie. Hurray.


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