Whew: 17 cities in which I have lived


I am jubilant. I am ecstatic. I am jumping for joy. After five months of commuting every other weekend between San Francisco and Los Angeles, I will be finally packing up my San Francisco place and moving down permanently to Los Angeles. Ok. Let me backtrack just a little. I will be moving to Los Angeles leaving San Francisco behind, which I am all too happy to do. I have to strike the word permanently from that previous sentence as not much in my life, especially living situations, has been permanent.

I moved often as a kid. I lived at boarding school and I lived abroad. Then as a college student, I couch surfed. I moved for jobs. I moved for graduate school. I moved for post-doctoral training. I moved for the love of a beautiful city. I moved to expand my horizons. I moved to escape from doldrums. I moved to become my own person. Actually, almost always, my move led to a new facet being added to my life. Each move meant I grew in some way. Nothing but movement has been constant in my life.

Now I am moving to my 17th city. This is my son’s fourth city in which he will live. He has traveled to many more with us cross country and internationally. Every single place is a place of jubilation for him.  That id why he is called the Mayor.


Moving on again

No fear, no sneer, just movement

Blissfully constant



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  1. Dear Mimi,
    I enjoyed a lot reading this jubilant, joyful post of yours. Your familiarity with change and movement seem to make them your home and second skin. I share with you a little of this preference… But only theorethically. Wish the best on your move


  2. I love the wall art painting. I have to say I would also love to visit San Francisco AND LA so I can’t wait to follow your journey. Wishing you a happy move.


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