Nonsense: it wakes up the brain cells and there is an abundance


Apparently, I do not suffer fools very well, if at all. I make faces in meetings when people say incredibly false statements that they expect everyone to outright believe. I show my incredulousness by wrinkling my nose at some people’s stupidity. Just this past week, I had to sit through a meeting where where everything said was fairly ludicrous. Each statement was more nonsensical than the other.  I have to wonder how do people live with such statements coming out of their mouths?

Question is how self-aware people really are when they sit in a business meeting.  I was reminded of a time several years ago, where I sat in a meeting where a person who was just exaggerating non-stop had the audacity to start sewing a button in the middle of being asked a question. I nearly lost it. It was a sign of extreme inner strength that I didn’t grab the needle to just poke the person’s head in an attempt to stir up that person’s brain cells. It would have been a lovely scene to feast upon. Moments like those, however, can indeed make one stronger.

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells–Dr. Seuss

The past few months in the political election season in the United States appears to have been ripped from the pages of a Dr Seuss story or a Ionesco absurdist play.


If one follows Dr. Seuss’ line of reasoning, then our brain cells must be waking up in mass nowadays.

Besides crazy colleagues and politicians, there are some nutty animal antics out there in the world right now as well.

Consider this. Is it a muffin or a chihuahua? Huh? Indeed. That is the latest crazy internet happening. Are there people who live and breathe just to come up with things that will go viral and bring meme fame?  I do believe that is the world in which we live. Is it bad of me to say, I am really hungry for a muffin now?



Last week I watched the movie Zootopia and loved it. I loved it way better than Inside out and Frozen. Way better. The fox rules in Zootopia and apparently foxes really are sly in real-life.  A fox was caught stealing this past week on the golf course. Maybe Jane’s Addiction and Ylvis will get together to make a song about the fox stealing a man’s wallet. Stranger duets happen all the time at the MTV Awards show. I never truly understood that foxes were so sly. At this point, I almost want to bring a fox to the workplace. It might be a clever tactic to wake up the brain cells.

Just this past week it rained fish in Australia and in Texas a dog decided to mow the lawn.

scooby doo

With all this and wackiness in the world, I recommend you start dancing up a storm and cut your risk for Alzheimers while you are at it.


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