I ate cereal to prove a point to Millennials and laughed about myself



I was on the treadmill at my usual 5am time. I was watching my new favorite local news programs KTLA because it is just hilarious. I don’t think they take the news very seriously in Los Angeles. It most certainly is not at the quality that you see in New York. However, the local news can be a lot of fun here in Los Angeles. Throughout Oscars night, for example, KTLA, kept giving Oscars update.  I assume many of the local newscast members are hoping to make it in Hollywood. Pun intended.


Anyway, while I was working out, the newscast did a segment on the reason why Millennials do not like cereal. Let me me back up for a second.  Apparently, the sales of cereal have taken a very major dip the past decade. That decrease is in part due to the fact that Millennials are not eating cereal. Of course, this is disconcerting to the cereal industry and they thus sponsored a research study to understand why Millennials are not eating cereal. What did they find?


Apparently, Millennials do not eat cereal because it is too much work.  Eating cereal is more work than eating a power bar. It is also more work than other breakfast foods because the bowl is hard to clean. When I heard the results of this study, I almost lost my footing on the treadmill. It was too funny and odd. Why would people not eat cereal because of the bowl that has to be washed afterwards.  I suppose many Millennials don’t have dishwashers. I shook my head as I remembered speaking with a work colleague a few years back (a Millennial) noted that she didn’t take baths because she didn’t want to have to clean her bathtub that often.  I kid you not.


For the record I love taking baths.  I also like cereal. I don’t eat it very often because I prefer hardier breakfasts like pizza.  Today when I went grocery shopping, I went down the cereal aisle. I normally don’t walk through that section but today I was drawn to it. I bought cereal.  I am not a lazy person, you see. Thus, it makes sense that I would eat cereal.  After all, I grew up being a Cornflakes Girl.   Well, I called all cereal Cornflakes.  I bought my cereal and headed to the dairy section. I never buy milk. I am a bit lactose intolerant so I minimize my milk consumption to the point that I never drink it. I sorted through the milks and selected a small store-label fat free one.  I put it in my cart. I packed up my groceries and headed home.


I decided, upon getting home, to have some cereal for lunch.  I was excited to be having cereal. I just didn’t get why anyone wouldn’t eat it because it is too much work. I opened the milk container and poured the milk in, I looked at the container more carefully. I sighed and shook my head at myself. I had bought fat free half and half. I guess I didn’t pay attention to what I was buying. I took out a spoon from the drawer and ate my half-and-half yummy cereal. Once I finished, I dragged myself to the sink , ran water over the bowl and set it to soak.  Nothing too difficult in eating cereal other than apparently getting the milk right. It was a bit sweeter than usual but I wasn’t about to let the “milk” go to waste.





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  1. Too much work??????? I eat cereal when I’m short on time because it’s so easy to clean and I like it as a bedtime snack. I thought the article might cite how cereal is high in carbs….a reason why bread consumption is down.


  2. I’m not really sure what a Millenial is (I don’t think we have that word in the UK) but I am 29 and I love cereal, I actually find porridge is the only thing I don’t like making due to the cleaning, but then, the first thing I bought when I got my first professional paycheck was a dishwasher, fulfilling a promise to my six-year-old self who hated washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen every night for the whole family. I’ve never found anything aside from porridge that’s hard to clean, unless some people just leave their bowls sitting around for days (I do my dishes at least once per day). My husband is 37 and he is also a cereal lover. I don’t eat it every day like he does but I always have my favourite Coco Pops in the house.
    Also, I have a milk allergy and I have found that coconut milk is the tastiest thing ever with cereal (but soya milk is ok too). My soya milk would go off if I didn’t use it in the coco pops!
    I did hear a weird thing from a former friend, that some people don’t eat cereal because they don’t like some of the things Mr Kellog did (from a human rights point of view??) and they extend it to other cereals because Kellog invented them. I think that’s utterly ridiculous, especially coming from someone with 3 Volkswagens on her drive, but I suppose it wouldn’t be hypocritical enough if she drove a Saab.


    • Yum. Coconut milk with cereal. I may have to go try that this week. Millenials are the generation of people born around 1983 or so forward. They are computer savvy, and supposedly living in the moment. Generations get type-casted. Oh yes, in history class in high school we were waned about Kellogg. lol he had some wacky health ideas. I haven’t had coco pops in a while. May have to try to this week 🙂 Yum

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  3. Ha ha! I thought it was going to be something about too much sugar or more Millennials avoiding processed foods, not that it’s too much work. It amuses and frightens me to think we’ll start seeing more meals in bar form to avoid all the extra work of complicated dishes like cereal, lol.


  4. Well, I guess I have morphed into a Millenial, starting at around age 55, a mere six years ago. Coincidentally, that was also the time I became an empty nester who would be happy if I never have to cook another meal or wash another dish. Thus I use paper plates as much as possible, a trick I learned from my childless sister who lived with us for a while and couldn’t understand why we were still using actual dishes! Also coincidentally, imagine my shock when I walked down the cereal aisle at the supermarket this week and noted the large number and great variety of CEREALS PACKAGED IN THEIR OWN DISPOSABLE BOWLS. Must be made for Millenials.


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