What’s so wrong about pre-peeled oranges?

I was watching the morning news and learned that apparently there is a controversy over pre-peeled oranges for sale at Whole Foods. And I just don’t get the controversy. Seriously, why be bothered by that concept?

First off, we already ventured, as a society, down that “lazy” road. We have had pre-cut fruit and vegetables for a while now. There are also salad bags for sale everywhere that have been available for over a decade.

Second, we are a fast-paced society. Who has time to cut and peel? Sure, may be lazy. And I’m ok with that. I work hard in many aspects of my life. So much so, that my colleagues have started calendarizing breaks for me so that I don’t work myself to death. I will take pre-peeled oranges.

Third, I have no nails. I bite them and that’s on me. Nonetheless, I have no nails. When I have to eat an orange I need to “poke” it with a fork in order to peel it. And once I peel it, my fingers start to burn.

My fourth point is as follows. There is outrage over pre-peeled oranges but where is the outrage over the currently 100 major things wrong in our society?  To be real, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people outraged over those majorly wrong societal items. The issue is that everyone is outraged over something. There is just too much ridiculous outrage these days.  Maybe this is my biggest point in terms of not understanding the outrage. I am tired of silly outrage. So what if pre-peeled oranges appear to be bougie.  I hate to tell most of you, but the majority of people have one or two things that they are bougie about. 

We don’t need a bougie police force. My mom who was as poor as they come, would have welcomed pre-peeled oranges. She kept her nails cut short and she hated extra garbage around. Having no peels to peel and nothing to clean up after wards would have warmed her extremely non-bougie, super poor and tired self. Her fingers tired from years of sewing at a factory could have used the break.

While I am ok, in theory, with pre-peeled oranges, I must readily admit that I barely shop at Whole Foods anyway just for this very reason. It almost seems like the Whole Foods diehard shoppers are those that get outraged quiet often. Maybe I am wrong about this, but….

I find such stores to be overpriced and overall filled with many products for which I wonder do we really need that?”  Too each his or her own.




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  1. Agreed, this is a strange elitist outrage. Whole Foods is the store that brought us overpriced asparagus water. So what. Don’t like it, don’t shop there. While I probably wouldn’t buy pre-peeled oranges, I can see how they would be useful for busy parents or those who cannot peel an orange.


  2. Mimi, the outrage at PPO’s is an indication of the extent to which society has developed over recent generations.
    This is the classic storm in a teacup, though more accurately, OJ in the blender.
    We have become a self-centred, over fed, neurotic animals ;given to having tantrums and stamping our feet should the rain interrupt our golf.
    Have we all forgotten from whence we came. Remember the days before the mandatory dish-washer? What about trudging about growing our own food before the advent of supermarkets?
    Our world has become one of us and them. Poor people living off nothing and the rest complaining about something.
    Your roots tell you that all things are precious and gratitude is your common thought. I share this.B


  3. I too see your point. However, WF stands as a symbol of gentrification in food, of unnecessary ‘hypsterness’ that’s ruining the concept of eating well, which now means food being available only to the wealthy. That’s a shame, given rampant waste and extreme hunger associated with the food industry. Trader’s Joe proves that it doesn’t have to be that way: for a third of the price, and often, superior quality, one can buy excellent products without going broke. Or infused with attitude. (Before you wonder, now, I don’t work for them, btw) Unfortunately, it’s very likely that WF will thrive while TJ, well, who knows how they can even sustain their business model for much longer. We hope for the other way, of course. There, I said enough, now where are those unpeeled oranges?


  4. But they’re ORGANIC and pre-peeled, right? It’s all about personal priorities for some people vs societal priorities for others. I’m trying to find a happy medium/balance between the two.


  5. I’m from across the pond and enjoy reading your blogs. The thought of pre-peeled oranges just tickles me. Though, why would anyone get so uptight about this suggested act of laziness in an age when no-one blinks if a member of a family texts another member of the family- in the same house, never-mind the same room!


    • Hi there! thanks for stopping by and commenting. So, I take it you all don’t yet have these controversial pre-peeled oranges? indeed peopel at home, at restaurants at the parks just spend so much time texting one another instead of just talking. I suppose that is why we need these pre-peeled foods (allows our hands freedom to text)


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