I’m in a foggy state of mind



Let me set one thing straight right of the bat. I am always in a New York state of mind.  Meaning, I will always be a New Yorker.   However, I am making the most of my time in California -at least this time which is my third time trying to assimilate to the California culture. Can you believe that no one in my office has ever heard of the term “crunchy”? They had no idea that we referred to Californians that way. Interesting how certain phrases really can be regional. But I digress. While I am in a New York state of mind, I am also now in a semi California state of mind.  As such, I am overall in a foggy state of mind.


Yesterday morning I woke up and looked out my Los Angeles window. All I saw was fog. It was an eerie view from my window. I stepped out onto my balcony and felt the extreme moisture on my skin.   The air was dense but wet. The air was thick yet light.  I had visions of horror films from my childhood where a deep fog settles in over a town and the eerie creatures come out to haunt.  I looked up and noticed others in my building were also out on their balconies taking in this foggy scene.

In that moment, I felt the fog in my head as well. I have been working hard these past 3 months to establish a new role for myself.  Lack of sleep and lack of interesting bits to eat throughout the work day, have made me a bit sluggish.  I don’t believe that I was this sluggish in New York.  As that day continued I was in meeting after meeting. By the time my last meeting ended at 4:15pm, i used the word “foggy” to describe how my whole day had been. I didn’t know where the day had gone. I didn’t remember how many cans of Coke Zero I had by that point. Although I was fairly sure I had at least four cups of coffee.

I was running on some weird kind of energy that kept me going and kept me functional. However, I felt a bit like a zombie. But not like the Waking Dead Kind.  I was functional, directional and capable.  The fog was a bit comforting, after all.  The fog was very unlike the movies. I think my foggy mind protects me from realizing how crazy it all is.

Foggy morning star

Blazing, racing mind, yet still

Peace of calm vibrates


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  1. Wow. At least new Yorkers think of Californians…nope never heardof crunchy unless referring to cereal! I was born here and still love my state. Kind of a state loyalty, and also I am a Northern Ca girl now. Much of what is happening here is shot to hell because of politicians. I remember the old state …even southern ca. was fine then. It is still a gorgeous state. We are a state that accepts all people, and yet one that doesn’t matter in these damn elections.


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