I love traveling with my son

Last week I had to travel to Anaheim for work. In case you do not know, Anaheim is where Disneyland is located. I repeat I had to go there for work. I checked into my hotel where everything was about Disney. The cafe sold mickey mouse trinkets. The lobby had a mickey mouse statue. There were kids everywhere. I felt a horrible pang of loneliness and longing. I really wanted my little boy by my side.

I wanted my darling son not just because I missed him as my son, but also because I missed his travel companionship. Since he was a baby, we’ve been traveling around the globe. He spent his first birthday in Atlanta to watch me give a presentation and visit the world renowned Georgia Aquarium. He has been to Austria, Australia, Japan, Curacao, Italy, to just name a few countries. He has been cross country and up and down the east coast from New York to Florida as well as New York to Maine.

We have had some grand adventures. Does he remember them all. No. Austria is just funny sounding to him Germany, that he vividly remembers because his audio tour mechanisn was the only one working in the Dome. He served as our tour guide as a result and he loved it. Luckily, he doesn’t remember when we got horribly lost on a Japan train hoping we were indeed going from Kyoto to Tokyo. I think that was one time I truly felt a bit of panic while traveling.

Even if he doesn’t remember all these trips very well, he was still in them he has been an active explorer. He has loved meeting new people. He learned to use chopsticks in Japan. He may not remember these but I do. I am fortunate to remember them through two sets of experiences. I will never forget how the hotel staff in Curacao called up our hotel room to chat with him. Who experiences that? The first time he saw an infinity pool was divine. The awe on his eyes is for me to cherish forever. Sure. Has had an occasional tantrum. Although not many. I can remember two horrible trip tantrums: one in the Chincoteague Islands and one in the Caymans. Not bad for a 7 year old boy.

I love to hear his interpretation of events and places. He had been skeptical at first of going to the volcano in Hawaii. Then, once there, he became Indiana Jones. He made me laugh and view the landscape from a different perspective.


I hope going forward that he remains my intrepid trip co-pilot. I do hope he stops looking for pizza everywhere. That I do need to work on. Interestingly, almost every place we have been pizza could be found.

I sit here longing to travel with my son. I sit here truly wishing I could hold his hand as we explore a new city or set of ruins. I have the travel bug. I love seeing the world. I am lucky I have such a cool travel partner.


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  1. Mimi, I loved reading this post about your travels with your son. Sounds ike a great travel companion.
    I have written a few posts about my son recently, which have also illustrated how people adults can really be quite horrible to kids and just put them down and not appreciate them at all as well as sharing the story of going to a French chocolate shop when my son was 2 and how the older lady who I had known visiting the shop when I was a child, gave him a couple of chocolates to eat in the shop. It was a beautiful moment:
    Our little man turns 12 this week and has recently started high school and written a few poems of his own (which I posted). Stating the obvious, he’s growing up so quickly but thank good for the photos! xx Rowena


  2. I love reading this! I have a great travel partner in my daughter. She and I just think alike and travel the same way. We fit together well. Now that she’s almost 16 I hope that we can keep the tradition of traveling together going long into the future. We are planning a few days away this month and maybe a short trip later this fall.


  3. Indeed, a very cool travelling partner. But who is the dude at the front of picture ?
    Ha!Ha! Just kidding.
    My partner and I have also travelled quite a lot with our son,whom I have mentioned to you before. It has given him a calm sense of knowing which is difficult to pin down, but allows for him to see things for what they are.
    I love reading about your exploits and take great delight in relating some of these to my own son and his journeys with us.B


  4. Hey, he’s not YOUR little man! He is his own little person who MUST HAVE PIZZA wherever he goes! Truly, I have loved seeing his persona and personality develop through his mama’s loving eyes.


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