To look truth in the eye without blinking


Have you ever tried to look at yourself in the mirror and speak the truth?

Tell the mirror your insecurities? Tell the mirror your fears? Tell the mirror how you wish you could be?  

I’m not talking about a Snow White interaction with the mirror.

I’m talking about an interaction with the mirror with your true, naked, raw self?


He turned the recording off. No, he had not. He didn’t know who his real self was. How could he talk that self?   He sat at his desk deeply immersed in numbers and papers. He hadn’t taken lunch. he never took lunch. He was too committed to a workplace that, frankly, wasn’t committed to him. He had dedicated countless hours and a major part of his life, foregoing many of life’s pleasures.  And it often seemed like no one cared about his efforts. No one.

photo flash 26


He didn’t feel anchored anymore. Actually he was never anchored. He was weighted down by life. But he wasn’t anchored. It’s a real difference in one’s state of being.

He rushed out to the restroom and splashed some water on his face. He nodded at Todd as he entered the restroom and then proceeded to ignore him. He didn’t much care for Todd. He looked down at his hands in the water stream. How he would like to just punch Todd. It would be funny to see his surprised reaction.  Question is would Todd punch back. Was he ready for a fight?

He readied his fist. He could do this.  He had this.  But people thought he was a nice guy. Should he be?

He closed the faucet. He waved at his image.

Todd would have to stay behind as the man in the mirror.

But one day, he would punch him.


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  1. Pre- Narcissus, those days prior to becoming engrossed by our own image, an inner reflection was all that was needed to gain insight.
    A mirror must have been like a lap-lap of its time. Access to a new world. One of simplicity and access to information never before possible.B


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