Today’s point of existentialism: Where do former bloggers go?


Today I was happy when a cocktail photo I tweeted got retweeted. I was not happy because of the retweet, per se, but rather because of who retweeted my tweet. No, Obama did not retweet my cocktail shot. I believe he is a beer drinker. Actually, I think that he is probably more a scotch guy. It goes with his professorial demeanor.  Kim Kardashian didn’t retweet me either. She was probably too busy retweeting herself. It wasn’t anyone famous or internet infamous that retweeted me. It was a former blogger who I used to visit when one day they just no longer existed in the blogging arena. It was nice to know they still existed somewhere in the social mediaverse. From their tweets, it appears they are doing quite well. This sudden reappearance made me wonder about those fellow bloggers that have come and gone. Where do they go?
I am not particularly interested, well that’s too strong a word, in those that blogged for a few months and then went away. I am wondering about those that had existed for a while and had interacted with their fellow bloggers. I have noticed that a few just stopped writing but left their page up. They live on in perpetuity in a mode of stasis. It is as if they are Riley getting into a pod at the end of Aliens. They did their thing and now they are just floating. Come on by and see what once they were.
There are also those that deliberately end their experience with a goodbye post. They announce they are moving on and leave their last post for all to see. In essence, they write their own blog obituary.  Many leave their condolences and move on as well.
There are those that leave for a while who then come back for a bit. More often than not they only stay for a while and then they are off again. It is like that friend that travels the world who occasionally pokes you on Facebook or texts you some random day at 3am. Your reply just seems to go into a void.
Then there are those that shut their blog down completely. Their site ceases to exist and just broken links are left. It seems so final. It is a bit unnerving. Did they grow tired of their experience? Did they share all they had to share and reached a natural endpoint? Did they go on the lam?
I, myself, do not know how my blog will end. I know it has morphed and keeps morphing. I started off a bit (teeny) bitter at the workplace and have become both more optimistic and maudlin. Such is life.  But when do we decide to end certain adventures (or misadventures, for that matter)?

What does the fox say?

what does the fox say

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  1. I have wondered that myself. Why do very active bloggers suddenly close up shop and just disappear. I always wonder if they had a crisis in their family, did they get a new, more demanding job, did they go to jail, or did someone in the blogging world force them out because of trolling?


  2. Hmmm. I wonder too – I have found some bloggers who have more than one ‘home’ – and they become more active on one and leave the other, then flip back later – (I kind of ‘died’ in one of my online homes after an active group i was part of simply fell apart – just like real life friends I guess?) Nice post 🙂


  3. I am one of those who come and go. I have two sites. One specifically about my pet subject, psychological empowerment, and one in my mother tongue about personal life experiences. My last post was about 5 months ago. I wish I had the time to be a regular blogger. Maybe I should just make some time. How is that for a New Year’s resolution.


  4. It feels pretty nice ! to share the excited ideas relating with words that are stucked in head and throwing with the gentle fingers in an artistic way


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