My son has goals and I’m thrown

Here goes my morning rant……

I don’t quite know why but I was shocked this morning when my son announced that he was going to stop playing his game for the moment because he had reached a certain stage in its progress. See, he had set a goal and had achieved it by 8:30am.  I immediately had two concurrent thoughts: “oh wow, he has goals!” and “oh wow, I need staff like him.”  Then I thought oh no, I need staff that keep going after they reach their initial goals. Ok. I need to stop comparing my son to staff. Completely different universes. Back to my son. I still can’t get over how he has goals. Should I be so shocked?  I understand child development. Its great that he has reached that development phase. It means, in the long run, that I may not have to see him living in my basement forever. Although, I notably at this point in time would love to have him living with me forever. I even made him promise as much.  Trust me I understand that I will need to let go at some point. Seeing that he is my only child and I no longer have a dog (not that those are in the same league of things), I can’t quite envision the day that he goes off on his own. Furthermore, I can’t quite envision me liking that day when it does eventually come. So my son has goals. I am not too sure why but I now have this Yogi Berra Quote in my head “I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early.”  It’s a great quote about knowing oneself as well as one’s own limits and still being able to set goals within those limits. Brilliant! Don’t know why my son’s goal announcement has me waxing Yogi Berra Philosophical but as a die-hard Yankees fan, it works with my state of being.   However much I dread that day when my son is ready to live his own life, I suppose I will just have to keep in mind that Dale Carnegie quote of “Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday”.  Just today I nearly ran out of creamer for my coffee.  Every day I dread that day happening.  Having that sense of dread with clear ways of embedding that within daily goals can be quite motivating when trying to navigate the day to day life hurdles. Back to my baby, who in all reality is not a baby as he likes to remind me on a daily basis, thus starting my acute sense of abandonment. He has goals. According to psychologists-which by the ay I am one but have never been surveyed o this matter-once a child develops goal-setting actions he is on the path to self-efficacy, self control and eventually reaching an authentic self. First off, ugh who said that?  Second, guess Kim Kardashian bypassed that whole child development stage.  Ouch. I won’t pick on her. How about this? Many people, it seems nowadays and in particular those in the workplace, just seemed to need a lesson in goal setting and maybe then we will see less phoniness.  Well, now this rant has veered off into some ditch. Back to my son. He is wondrous and makes me happy and makes me care less about the phonies. He has goals. I am excited and petrified.

My rant ends

Exit stage left



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