I’m a force of nature: I am a tornado (in a good way)

Christmas in Los Angeles is something I have thought of in the past as a vacation or as something that I have seen as a quirky occurrence on television shows such as 90210 or Melrose Place. I had no idea last year when I was celebrating Christmas in Berlin that I would be in an exact opposite location the following year as a resident. A year can seem so long, an eternity to a child. And yet for me this year in particular has been a whirlwind. Its been my tornado year, of sorts.

I’m gonna lift this house and put it in the air.” -Little Big Town

I went from New York, to San Francisco, and then  to Los Angeles; with two apartments in San Francisco. As I have noted recently I feel a bit like Dorothy looking for my home. After two days in Los Angeles I feel good and am hoping this will be it. Although, I sheepishly note I may very well move again in two years. I can’t predict my future at the moment other than that I will keep moving metaphorically, spiritually, physically in some way or another. Once I made that big move as a young teenager on my own I don’t see stopping. That big break at a young age untethered me and I became my own propelling force. I have always been a tornado. I was a force of nature as a kid rebelling against my context. I was a tornado in my travels trying to understand the world. I have been a tornado even (or especially) in the workplace. My son likes to say that I am a “sharknado“. I don’t know if I don’t like that. He says I have come from the sea, I can wrap up so many sharks up in my wind. I guess that is cool, although I am way more respectable than Tara Reid.


This year I will have been in three different workplaces. In each I have gone in, looked at the status quo in the eye and told it to take a hike.  That which did not want to go easily, I swept up in my force. It is not an easy feat. It is not always welcomed by those caught up in the change. It is not easy on the mind or soul.  I have to say that I enjoy being this force of nature. I love a challenge and I have pushed myself past my comfort zone twice this year.  At this point, it may very well be that I am addicted to seeking out challenges and being caught up in the midst of changing forces. I always figure that it is best to be the engine behind the change than being swept up in it.   Because of that, once I reached a level at my earlier job this year (where I had been for ten years) that I was getting push back on change-where there were essentially strong useless, snippy counterwinds-it was time to leave.


There are some people that are destructive tornados in the workplace and that is not what I am proposing.  There are those that wish to cause havoc and destruction just to assert their power and see the fear in the eyes of others.  That is not me. I like to think of myself as the Tornado Superhero-using my powers of change for the greater good.



As I hit the Los Angeles valley on my move down from San Francisco, I reflected on my force and abilities. I truly hope that I can make it here and that I can make a difference in this place as well. At the end of the day I fight for better healthcare for all and I bring with it my full velocity.


Here is to a lovely Christmas in Los Angeles-Reindeer and all


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  1. A tornado, much like a forest fire that wipes out acres of growth, also allows for rebirth. It gives time and the ability to start fresh because it needed to clean out the underbrush (the uncomfortable day-to-day bramble) and refocus on life….and Sharknado.. definitely that. (LOL)


  2. At last, here is something that I want to drink to! 🍸Actually, two things, a quote from a Little Big Town tune and Tornado/Hurricane Mimi touching down in L.A. to bring big improvements to my hometown.🌀🌴


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