Resiliency is also hardcoded into their beings


Her feet throbbed as she was still getting used to wearing those gorgeous 5-inch heels. She felt powerful, elegant and stupendous. It was amazing that shoes could make her feel this way. She had no idea why it was that people couldn’t deplane quickly. After five long hours of sitting and working while the plane shook battling its way through the winter storms, she wanted off the plane as quickly as possible. She had no patience these days.  She just wanted off the plane. Was that too much to want?


Suddenly everybody started and she walked tall and strong. she looked good and she knew it. A smile came to her face that seemed a bit more maniacal than what she had intended.  Finally out into the fresh air of Los Angeles she breathed in the  scenery.  It was time to show these men what she was made of.


She walked steadily into the meeting room.  She hid her contempt quite well considering that they kept referring to her as the princess.  Her brain power was twice that of theirs.  Their manicured hands and tailored suits showcased their hubris. Yet she was the princess in their eyes.  She needed a stiff drink and a bubble bath. She could be pampered at times.


Once the meeting ended, the group went out for happy hour She was exhausted as she still had no time to unwind after her flight. However, she had to play the game.   There are many that will try to throw her off her game or keep her out of the boys club, she didn’t have to help them among that way. Thus, out for a drink she went. They were nice and fun enough for a bunch of silly men wasting money and blowing off steam. They all ordered a version of an Old Fashioned.   While she wanted a daiquiri or a cosmo, she too got a stiff bourbon drink.  She laughed and laughed some more. She let her hair flow from side to side. It made her more exotic looking that way. It gave her power.


After a couple of hours they each cabbed it back to their own hotels. She went up to the concierge level for one last drink. Liquid courage, indeed. She put her luggage across her bed and laid out her clothes. She changed into a loose fitting dress and walked out the hotel. The alcohol swirling in her stomach burned her thoughts.


She turned the corner, looked behind her, and entered the seedy hourly hotel.  She went up the dark stairwell and entered the room.  They were all there already. She leaned down onto the floor and her tears fell. She had to find a way to help them for she was once them.

photo fiction_14_slave


Her shoulder bar code could be seen by the others. In one way or another they would be slaves no more.  Resiliency is also hardcoded into their beings.





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  1. Quite a twist at the end there, Mimi. Well done!
    You could well be interested in two posts I wrote recently. The first is about Gratitude
    The other is about the hurdles my daughter overcame to perform with her school choir at School Spectacular
    I’d be interested to get your thoughts.
    xx Rowena


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