I lost my question mark in 2015



This year the word of the year was an emoji and apparently cool things are now referred to as being “on fleek“.   According to some 2015 retrospective lists “hella” is a popular term and believe me I hear it every day in my office. But I could have sworn hella came and went several years ago.  Am I imagining this or perhaps I just am way too ahead of my time.


Words, words, and more words are just blowing in and out with the wind. I will tell you this, I did throw hella “shade” this year but that is because people really seem to have ratcheted up the annoyance factor this year.


Anyway, now that I have thrown out there all the slang I can muster let me tell you my own personal word/language trend for 2015.  I lost my question mark. There was a time in college where every sentence I uttered had an upward inflection at the end making it sound at times like I was questioning everything.  This upward inflection is something that many women tend to do in the business world. Women often end their sentences as if they were questions -seemingly second guess themselves.  Its a bad, bad habit that I made sure to stop. I succeeded very well in that goal. So much so, that now when I send text messages I no longer use a question mark even when I am asking a question.


I do not know if it is that I am super empowered. I do not know if it is that I am just too lazy.  I do not know if it is that my thoughts are running a 1000 words a minute and thus have no time. Whatever it is, I no longer put a question mark at the end of my sentences.  When I am texting, my questions become directives or perhaps they are just rhetorical. If a question is rhetorical does it need a question mark(?) Perhaps in the times of yore.  However, there is much debate and those that argue you may use an exclamation point at the end of a rhetorical question.


Nowadays where selfies dominate and emojis readily substitute words it may be that the question mark has lost its luster. Who wants to be seen as questioning. [that was purposeful]. It is best to be seen as assertive and in control.  We have been taught since kids that we use a question mark only after a direct question. It could very well be that we no longer ask direct questions.  Nah, that wouldn’t’ be in keeping with “keeping it real”. Every one is in each other’s face nowadays with the ruse of being real. Of course we all know that keeping it real is just code for having an excuse to be rude.  But I digress.

This earliest question mark was a version of a lightning flash ” ·~ “. I would be inclined to start using that in my text messages if it didn’t mean an extra key to hit.  At the end of the day, I think I lost my question mark because I am going too fast.  There are times when I am texting with two people while also sending emails and sending messages through Facebook inbox.  who has time for a question mark anymore, really?  I say just do what I am asking for with no questions asked or question marks needed.






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