changes in vulnerabilities


The little hand vulnerable from birth

Gets less and less so

The big hand supportive from birth

becomes more and more vulnerable

Time doesn’t stop
Yet we live in time loops
Circling back over and over
Catching our breath before its gone


Trying to fill the sullen dearth
Keep on dancing till its so
Feel the rebirth
Spring from the cages and be durable

So sick of that same old crop
Stop jumping through those hoops
The small hand provides cover
And then it is done


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  1. Is this another demo of your usual creative way of seeing time and life’s changes? Seems that way to me, and I so appreciate it. I hope your move to L.A. is more “successful” than your time in SF. One of your other posts made me so wish you would post some stories from that job, though. I live, laugh and seethe vicariously through them, you know.


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