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What a vision quest year: Living in 3 cities



The year of 2015 has been one of tremendous change for me. Not just one major change, but multitudes of changes. I left my beloved New York for San Francisco. Well, yes and no. I did move out to San Francisco but I was not necessarily leaving NY for it. I finally made a move to leave my workplace at which I had been 10 years. A decade is a rather long time to be anywhere. These days, especially millennials, change jobs every two or three years. In a decade I had grown much and found my voice and footing. Then I realized ten years was what I had in me. I needed to move on in order to continue to hone my voice and skills.

I moved out and took on heavy challenges. In my new role, my Psychologistmimi voice regarding the workplace had to change. I just couldn’t share all anymore. Although let me tell you there were so many wacky workplace episodes that could fill a book or a new reality television show. I felt muted and this didn’t please me much as Psychologistmimi.

However, as a result of that muted voice and exposure to extreme workplace craziness (as well as being embedded in a heavily gentrified city with resulting dire consequences) I started further developing my poetry sense and tone. My words may have become a tad bit darker while living in the foggy, hilly, tightly packed Bay Area. As a result of these changes in work, scenery, and perspective, I also started dabbling in flash fiction which was very much to my current speed of being. Those pieces have been sad, dark, and showcased a longing for something more.

Now as we near the end of 2015, I am embarking on a new set of changes. I am moving to Los Angeles in December and taking on a new job and higher profile. That now means that I will have lived in three cities in 2015. It means that my perspective will shift again. It means that I will continue to evolve in my writing.



I embarked on three journeys -vision quests- this year.   I have been up and I have been down. Through it all I have remained grateful for the ability to embark on as well as enact these journeys. At times it has taken a village to keep going and going.  In gratitude, I thank all that have helped along the way.


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  1. Was the picture taken at Disneyland aka The Happiest Place on Earth? If so, it shows one (or maybe two) of the things I miss most about living near there. The biggest one is the warmth that accompanies the sunshine in my native land. It’s still a major shock to my system when I step out in the sunshine where I live now which is equally bright but shockingly cold!


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