Dreaming of cheetos

I have not had cheetos for more than a decade, I would say. I mean they leave behind orange stains and they most definitely don’t fit within my sophisticated palette.

Then my son got into second grade and got a cheetos craving. While at the supermarket he randomly asked for a bag of cheetos and thus a bag ended up in the top shelf of one of our kitchen cupboards. There it stood for a week.

One day while looking for gummy worms, which I sadly did not find, I cane across the bag of cheetos.

Curiosity got the better of me and I ripped open the bag. I popped one into my mouth. Surprisingly, I found it tasty. I went ahead ate a few more. I sat down on the couch and just ate cheetos. It was so easy. In one split second I became a cheetos eater watching television. I looked at my orange fingers and snapped out of it. I put the cheetos away and got ready to go to work. Yes, I indeed had just eaten cheetos for breakfast. I wondered what I have become.

I wondered all day, well for a few seconds, why I hat eaten that bag so gleefully. It was release. I felt finally free to do something I hadn’t in ages.  I understand that there are many people out there that eat cheetos and eat them often. However, when  you do an act that is so uncharasteristic of you, it means something.   And as such should not be ignored.  By the way, did you know there are 21 cheetos flavors? I most certainly did not. There it is. I learned something new today.  I assume all the flavors are a variation on cheese and texture, i.e. Crunchy, puffy.

Back to my cheetos dilemma. See, I had not only eaten cheetos for breakfast. I had craved it all day thereafter.  I had visions of falling cheetos the way one dreams of tetris. It became an all day obsession. Of course, I then went and had vegan vietnamese food for lunch. The furthest thing from cheetos.  Don’t know why but I had also craved fake meat.  Sure, it was healthy but my mind tells me that all day fake flavorings were driving me forward.
On that note, as I climb up the hill dreaming of cheetos, I wonder what it all means. 

Oh cheetos what have you done to me? 

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  1. As I was reading your post re cheetos, Mimi, it brought to mind that my late husband loved them – one of his favorite snacks in the afternoon to go with his beer. It was hard to not have some also, since he especially always asked if I wanted some, too. It is a wonderful craving and so scrumptious in the mouth as you found out! I haven’t had any since he died.


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