Even giants need a leading hand

Even giants need a leading hand


As an executive in the non-profit world I have come to find that those at the top often need a lot more help than they let on.  Many are filled with insecurities. Many feel like frauds in that they don’t think they deserve the success they have achieved. You often find such a feeling amongst female executives. There are times when some “giants” can’t see the forest for the trees. Despite being giants their vision can get myopic.

This is not true of just executives in non-profit management. This is fairly true across the board.

What does this photo represent to you?
Is the giant chained, guided, or provided a rope to climb?

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  1. I have found this to be true through coaching. There is some correlation between rising status and rising self-doubt though not in all cases – many suffer from Imposter Syndrome.

    Also a saying “the further up the tree you get, the more people can see your ass!”
    Thought-provoking. thanks!

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  2. The higher one goes, the thinner the air. HELP!

    Good point, Mimi. That’s a wonderful skeleton. Where is it located?

    That puny one is very significant – it so well helps to visualize your point in this post. 🙂


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