Roadside Travel: Beauty in the ordinary

Roadside beauty in the ordinary

IMG_5811 IMG_5221 IMG_5872Traveling cross-country is an amazing experience that I love to talk to random people about. Road trips are a way to see different parts of the country, interact with different individuals and see. Yes, just see. You get to look and dissect what you see. You get to wonder. Of course, after a hundred cows and horses, farms may lose their charm. But they actually don’t.

In these ordinary bits on the road, there is beauty and charm. Dirt, wood and steel. They each come together to help liven up the landscape.

Look around you and find all that is beautiful. If you widen your eyes and your definition of beauty, there will be much joy to be had.

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  1. Its a shame more people can’t appreciate true beauty that is all around them. I once travelled to Lapland with my daughter and on Christmas eve we watched the northern lights for hours. No one else on the holiday was interested but I felt really emotional. I couldn’t believe how no one else appreciated what was happening above them.


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