One headlight: It bleeds

The eye sees what it wants to
One headlight
A creaky door opens
The coyotes posed atop of the hill

Wishes coat the iris
The truth is hazy
The screams pierce the veins
The chains rattle

One headlight
It follows
It steers

The street dogs howl in unison
The doors open
No one is there
The chains hum

The road is dark
The eyes blank
Words are mute
No saviors to behold

One headlight
It beams
It squirts

One headlight
It bleeds
It bleeds
It cries


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  1. Mimi, glad I don’t have to contend with Coyotes. We’ve had a few close encounters with snakes while we were up at Byron Bay recently and that was enough.
    Your poem is so beautifully moving. I really enjoyed it..even if it is a little chilling.


  2. Very Halloween. I watch the coyotes walk on the canal behind my backyard while sitting on the couch. They are really quite shy. And wily (sp?) and creepy sounding when they catch something. Good post1


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