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Like the Backstreet Boys, my wacky news column is back

Wacky news as far as I am concerned


Like the Backstreet Boys, my wacky news column is back. It took a hiatus of sorts as I figured out how to live in San Francisco. Which for a New Yorker, there have been lots of ups and downs. The past few weeks has seen the release of some research studies and other so-called news items that have disturbed me greatly. Now, I am not talking about Indiana’s law which has prompted a florist to note how she would serve an adulterer but not a same-sex couple.  That fifteen-minute of fame thing is really getting ridiculous these days. Nor am I talking about the Germanwings crash and how mental health is getting further stigmatized by the news outlets. Note to news media outlets, not all depressed individuals are going to go and kill 150 people. Nor am I talking about how Kansas just passed a law so that welfare recipients cannot spend their money on a cruise ship. The ATMs on board cruise ships will not be able to process a debit card request. It is good to know that Kansas lawmakers are safeguarding pubis funds in such a way especially since they might have to close schools early in the state due to a lack of funds overall. Ah, the Kansas school system what a storied history it has.

Anyway, my wacky news bits this week are on a more personal note.

A recent research study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that people who drink a lot of diet sodas tend to have more belly fat.  Really? I just don’t believe it. The researchers did not not control for diet and caloric intake. Hmpf. Moving on.

Another study came out recently on dominance and heart disease. However, the headlines read as follows “study says ambitious people are more likely to have heart problems.” I read that headline and got scared for a New York second. Then I went to read the actual article. It was not really about ambitious people. The study was about warm versus hostile dominant people. Duh. I felt way better as I am a “warm” dominant person. So, heart attack averted. Next.

Do you like smoothies? Check!  Do you like Placentas. Not checked! A woman was making placenta smoothies as part of her small business but she put them on hold after a public health outcry was stirred. I wondered if the smoothie was part of a weight loss plan as I would assuredly gag and vomit if I were to drink that.
I am quite deficient in Vitamin D. Apparently so is half the world. According to some crazy advertisements out there as of late, if I do not go, run out and get pumped on Vitamin D I will develop rickets tomorrow or so.  I just don’t believe the hype. I know I need vitamin D. Thus, I go walking out in the sun. I won’t be taking pills of 1,000 miligrams of vitamin D anytime soon.

Sadly, a recent study found that people who get laid off from their jobs are less trusting. Considering that the economy has still not fully recovered and lay-offs are still happening everywhere, we have yet another layer of distrust to our collective psyche.

I will end with a happy note. I love pears. I don’t many other people that though. Often pears are seen as bland, tasteless or just boring. I love to have pears in my salads or just alone as a great breakfast or snack. Now research has found that pears have the ability to control stomach-related bacterial diseases involving H. pylori -you know, ulcers! Yes, so while we are working countless amounts of hours and dealing with crazy expectations and deadlines we just have to eat a pear or two. How awesome is that?

Yes, the Lego movie was so right: everything is awesome. Until it is not! Drop the mike.


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