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Break free from the winter doldrums

Break free from the winter doldrums

Friday Fictioneers_Lauren Moscato

Friday Fictioneers_Lauren Moscato

Sometimes we are caught in our own little closed-off-to-the-world dark shack. We want more from life but can’t quite get our window shutters to open or even get a functional door onto the world. This dreary winter has caused many to hunker down mightily. Spring is here. Baseball is starting. Toss aside the snow. Push back the curtains and step outside. Even if you need a ladder, grab it and dare to break free from the winter doldrums.

This little sealed-off house need not be where your mind and soul rest. Oh, on your way out grab a pink bonnet!

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  1. Humph, sadly we are going the other way. Daylight Savings ended yesterday which always feels like a form of death to me, even though we really only get 3 months of uncomfortable weather. I actually prefer Spring and Autumn where the weather is more temperate.


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