Strawberry Moon, Green Puppies, and Lobster Tails in the Pants: Cause I’m Happy

Strawberry Moon, Green Puppies, and Lobster Tails in the Pants: Cause I’m Happy


This past week saw yet another Friday the 13th. Admittedly, it is not my favorite day of any month or year. This past Friday also saw a rare “honey moon” or otherwise known as a “strawberry moon” . A full moon on Friday the 13th won’t happen again until Oct. 13, 2049. Hope you enjoyed this past one.


Happy, Happy; Joy, Joy. I am starting off this post with positive words in order to infect you all with positivity. Seriously, yet another set of research this past week found that emotional contagion does exist online. Past research has found that perhaps being exposed to others’ good news can cause a social comparison effect and thus be somewhat depressing. This week, we yo-yo back to believing that seeing others’ positive posts make one happy as well. How do you feel about that? Pharrell Williams may have been onto something after all. Pharrell for President.


Naturally dyed.   Lately a lot of dog owners have been dying their dogs certain wacky colors to express their uniqueness and many people do not care for that. In Spain this past week, a dog gave birth to naturally dyed puppies. Specifically, she gave birth to green puppies.  I am not too sure what to make of that other tan nature decided to prank us early this year in preparation for Halloween.


Tomato a day. Forget what your mom told you about an apple a day. Well, maybe still go for that apple. However, a tomato pill a day may also be quite useful in terms of overall health. Researchers found that a tomato pill can help with cardiovascular disease. I will say it again; tomatoes are the way to go. Have you ever watched the black humor film “Last Supper”. Get going on that tomato garden ASAP. By the way, there was an overturned tomato truck in Arizona. Perhaps not too late to pick up something healthy from the highway.


Ensuring Libraries have a community function. Many lament and predict the demise of libraries. People are not reading as much, or some say. Others note that with the electronic access to books and articles what’s the use of a library anymore? Well, Ms. Macintyre from New Hampshire has her own plans for ensuring long-term viability of community libraries.  She implemented a local prostitution ring at the local library. Did the rates include an enacted reading of one’s favorite book? Down in Florida, an entrepreneurial couple took a different tactic towards ensuring library sustainability. They went on to make meth in the local library.


It’s Jane’s Addiction meets B-52s.  Nichole Ann Reed was caught stealing from her local supermarket after she stuffed seven lobster tails into her pants. Hope those were not returned to the shelf. Question is: why seven?


A different Facebook use.   Now while emotional contagion may occur on Facebook, there are other uses still out there. An aunt suspicious of her niece got onto Facebook and created a fake identity and account. She befriended her niece with the fake account and was then solicited by said niece to murder the whole family.  Ouch, that has got to hurt.


New York –the City that never sleeps.  Strippers stripping their clients of money. Heard of that many times. Yet it continues to happen and each time it is a little bit funny. Four strippers in Queens drugged their clients and charged up a ton of items on their credit cards. That is surely one way to make it on New York.  Don’t know what the lesson is here-other than pay with cash?


It’s always the cover up that gets you. Well, in this case the lack of cover up. The mayor of San Marino was caught dropping off poop on his opponent’s walkway. Not so nice!  What school of politicking did this guy go to? Did he not know to make sure there were no cameras around? Geez.


There you have silly wacky and happy news of the week. Read and spread the happiness. Have a great week ahead.

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  1. Mimi, thanks for all this great info. I watched that Pharrell Williams video. Great. Sent it to a few of my friends who I thought might appreciate the “pick me up.” Green puppies? OMG. It will be interesting to read that vet’s report after his tests. My daughter loves tomatoes, and eats them any time she can get her hands onto one. Maybe I should send her to Arizona on a quickie trip. Do you remember there was a radio broadcaster named Carlton Fredricks? He cautioned about eating tomatoes. He said they are “nightshade” veggies and warned they could cause arthritis. Whatever.
    As far as libraries are concerned, cities, in general, are still building more branches. It seems there are more demands for library benefits than there used to be. Granted, more people are using kindle, etc., to do their reading of books, but libraries are becoming more of a community gathering spot (not only for prostitution and meth), for local musicians and artists to display their talents, and also, to encourage young people to read.
    Could go on, but you get the idea. I enjoy your blogs very much. Thanks.


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