The helpfulness of swearing up a storm and using vibrating pills: This week’s weird news around the globe


The helpfulness of swearing up a storm and using vibrating pills: This week’s weird news around the globe


It’s another wacky week where oddities abound.  However, it is mother’s day. A day where we celebrate the beauty of motherhood and the true love one has for a child.  Thus, this is a short post this week in regards to weird news. Have a wonderful day!



  1. Lonely Sefer Calinak.  What is a lonely 62 year old lonely man to do while out on a Turkish televised dating game.  He came clean in the hopes of helping himself find a new mate. While participating in the game he admitted to killing two other women in his past.  By coming clean, he may not have helped himself find a new wife but he sure he helped the potential mate dodge an iffy situation.


  1. Helpful robots. In a research study surveying 2000 individuals, 20% noted that they would seek the help of a robot. Specifically, they would have sex with a robot.  It is always good to know what are potential growth industries. A new college major?



  1. Helpful journalists.  Two journalists in Jordan got into a fist-fight on a live televised show as they debated the situation in Syria.  I guess this is what happens when journalists take a stand or two.  Question is do we now ask this of our politicians as well now going forward.



  1. A moving pill. Researchers at an Israeli company called Vibrant have developed a pill that vibrates when swallowed. That movement helps other parts of the body move as well. In a research study, the pill helped increase the number of weekly bowel movements from two to four in the research participants. How fabulous is that? Gives a new meaning to taking a little pill and get down tonight.


  1. Swear a little bit.  Recently released research shows that if you swear a little bit, it may be akin to eating an apple a day. Swear a bit and ease some pain.  I will have to let my son know that next time he polices my language. Swearing: I am doing it for the greater good of my health.



  1. Culturally responsive signs.   There is a rumor that Bostonians have a particular way of speaking that is pretty awesome to hear when someone says  “let me park the car in Harvard Yard.”  In order to get signage that speaks to that accent and helps motorists-there is a sign on a Boston road that says “use yah blinkah.”  Time will tell if it helps cut down on traffic accidents.


  1. Bacon is truly all the rage.  Some oddball distillery owners are raising pigs to taste like whiskey. Yes, you read that right.  The pigs are fed a diet that incorporates distillery grain into their food. Yum?



  1. If you can’t have a robot, how about a computer?  A guy in Florida petitioned to marry his porn-filled computer. A judge just denied that motion. Oh, Florida. Can someone lend this guy a helping hand?



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