Last but not least I’d like to thank my Latina Mom twice

Last but not least I’d like to thank my Latina Mom twice

 happy spring

This past weekend saw the celebration of Mother’s Day. Sunday was a gloriously beautiful day in New York. Everywhere one turned you saw flowers, bird houses and pies on sale as part of the Mother’s Day observation. All I wanted was to hang with my little boy who is the reason why I get up every day. Thus, no bird houses for me.



Celebrating motherhood really entails acknowledging the many others who have helped one along the way. I also cannot forget that my dear aunt, my mom’s sister, is all I have left in terms of a mother figure. Surprisingly, she is on Facebook and sends me many blessings therein. She was a key part of my childhood upbringing that provided me with support as I forged an independent life. The same is true of my cousin who helped make sure I always had a roof over my head; particularly when I was dirt poor and trying to better myself. Mothers come in all forms.



As a Puerto Rican family we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May just like the majority of European and Latin American countries. Now my mom had an affinity for Mexican music and in particular Mariachi. She found it romantic and in the vein of being a cowboy. She loved westerns and fancied herself a cowgirl. She had several shirts made that said “Puerto Rican cowgirl” that she wore proudly as she ran her errands.


It so happens that Mexicans (as well as Salvadorans and Guatemalans) celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10th.  Sometimes that coincides with when we celebrate and other times, such as this past weekend, it does not. On Saturday I started to get Mother’s Day wishes from those that celebrate it on May 10th. It was new to me but I rolled with it. I thought how perfect to celebrate Mother’s Day twice to honor my mother’s multifaceted and multicultural approach to life. She grew up in Brooklyn and worked in the Brooklyn factories of her time. There, on the assembly lines, were people of differing religions and ethnicities. She learned Italian, developed a love of Chinese culture, and helped out her Jewish friends on Saturdays.  She learned of different musical tastes and was a frequent winner on the only country western radio station in New York at the time. I think she was the only one that thought mariachi and Willie Nelson were linked. She was a cowgirl in the urban jungle.


Thus, during this past weekend I got to thank her twice for what she has done and for how she lived. I bet her jukebox in the sky lends itself to a wild Mother’s Day celebration in heaven.


Inspired by moms and the daily prompt.

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