Wait! Did I wear this dress yesterday?

Wait! Did I wear this dress yesterday?

Much has been made of the fact that both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have worn some of their dresses on more than one occasion. Apparently, it is a major social faux pays in the celebrity world to wear a dress out in public more than once. Admittedly, I have about ten high fashion dresses that I have only worn once to either a major event or a Red Carpet (not in Hollywood mind you). I had fabulous nights with those dresses and now they just hang not even shielded from my closet dust. There is no way I can realistically wear those dresses again to the same annual events. However, I keep hoping for that mailed invitation to some grand fete so that I may again wear one of those gloriously fabulous dresses with my equally fabulous six inch heels. For now, I don’t mind buying a new dress for my upcoming event. Its a hard task of trying on dresses but I must soldier on.

For everyday wear I tend to put on dresses and wear sensible New York walking shoes that I changed out of when I arrive to work. I have pair upon pair of shoes at the office. I love my outfits. I love wearing my pinks and reds. I even love wearing my skinny jeans paired with pumps and a long flowing shirt. I could not tell you what is my favorite outfit to wear because they all are. Why is that? Confidence. My favorite outfits are those that I pair with a sense of confidence and a sauntering beat. It is ok if I have work a dress before. Each time I wear it it’s with a different attitude and probably a different pair of shoes. There are some dresses I wear three times a month and I am ok with that.

This morning, despite that attestation, I am walking around a bit confused. I woke up very groggy. Put on the coffeepot and heated up milk for my son. I tried to get him to eat breakfast, brush his teeth and get dressed in a timely manner. I quickly looked at email and noted that a colleague had sent 20 emails overnight. Yes, 20 emails. I shook my head and made my way to the shower. I got dressed and quickly caught some snippets of news. It is the day of taxes in the US. It also may flurry in a few places. Yesterday, was full of hope. Today, it is a drab.

As I walked my son to school this morning I caught my reflection in a storefront mirror. I had a moment of panic. I looked at my reflection and I looked down at my body. I looked st my dress with grand intensity. My son asked me if anything was wrong. I could not remember if I had worn this dress yesterday. No matter how much I probed my own brain and memories, I could not recollect what I had worn yesterday. I could not even remember how I got dressed this morning. Where did I pick up my dress from? I thrown my clothes on the floor as I am ok with being a messy person. Did I just pick up my dress from the floor this morning and put it on?

While I tend to feel confident in my daily attire, this morning I felt panicked by my clothes. Well, if I was indeed wearing the same dress as I did yesterday, I will be making a fashion statement about the state of the workplace and my mind within it. Obviously, I am overworked to the point where I can’t remember what I have worn. Then again, do man people actually remember what they have worn the previous day or week? Well, other than celebrities. Or rather, more accurately, the celebrity stylist and publicist. I now wonder if anyone would notice whether I had worn the same dress yesterday. I now can’t help but think about who is paying attention to what I wear. I have to consider whether it is even important whether my boss or team members notice.

As I sit and reflect, I think of a moment where indeed someone did notice and commented on my attire. They noted that what I was wearing was one of their favorite dresses of mine. I am not too sure what to make of that statement. Obviously, people do notice workplace wear. Judgements are readily made on one’s attire. Those judgements appear to be more readily made of women’s clothing in the workplace. At times, it appears that many treat the workplace like a fashion show. With my over 30-pairs of shoes in the office, I can’t readily cast aspersions on that. As I reflect on this colleague’s remarks about my dress, I look at me through his eyes. No, I am not wearing the same dress today that I did yesterday. However, maybe I should in order to perhaps make known my state of overworked and tired being. The late nights, bitten down nails and arm pain from writing may not get through. But a dress worn twice just might.

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  1. I think it’s wonderful that you are so confident about your clothes, I am the exact opposite! Finding something to wear in the morning is absolutely my least favorite thing to do all day. I want to be confident and stylish, yet I don’t feel like anything of mine fits the bill. Probably because my body has changed a lot in the last five years and I don’t so much like the changes. I digress πŸ™‚ Your confidence is inspiring!


  2. I have one gorgeous satin-and-pearl encrusted coat that I will probably never wear again, but it hangs in my closet as a keepsake from a magical night out. I see it, I feel happy. I figure it’s doing its job.


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