Glowing antlers, wigs and crumbs: Art is in the eye of the wacky beholder.

Glowing antlers, wigs and crumbs: Art is in the eye of the wacky beholder.

Is the Olympics almost over? Does anyone else feel underwhelmed by the Olympics or is it just me? Blah. This past week one of the news items that went viral very quickly was that which resembled a classic social psychology experiment.  A cold jacket-less boy was sitting on a bench in Norway ostensibly waiting for the bus. Many people passing by or also waiting for the bus offered the shivering boy their own coats, scarves and gloves.   Such acts make one feel a little better about the state of humanity.   But lest we get too comfortable in such warm and fuzzy feelings, here are some wacky news items from the past week.   Most are actually just wacky and not crime-ridden as in previous weeks. As we near the end of February just rather focus less on the horrible acts that occur out there these days.


Road-raging woman:   A woman passenger in an Audi in a section of north west London got a bit angry at a fellow driver. She decided to get out of the car and go yet all the man driving a BMW.  Apparently she must have felt she wasn’t getting through to the BMW driver so she climbed on to the car and continued her diatribe. The BMW driver did what any other person would do and drove off with her on top of the car with the woman eventually flying onto the windscreen.   I see a new show coming out of this: When Expensive Car owners Attack Each Other.


Ten year-old driver.  A ten year old boy in Norway really wants to drive. Last week he took the car for a spin and when he was caught he claimed he was a dwarf who so happened to forget his driver’s license.    He did it again this week but the dwarf excuse didn’t really fly anymore.  Where do kids get these excuses from?   Oh, to be a boy dreaming of his first car.


Reindeer Antlers on the Road.   Apparently, reindeer have been getting into a lot of traffic trouble. The proposed solution to these traffic jam problems in Finland is to make the antlers glow in the dark by using reflective sprays on the animals.  If these glow-in-the-dark antlers should work, will the Christmas song of “grandma got runover by a reindeer” make sense anymore?   Luckily we have a few months to figure that one out and come up with a new jingle for the kids.


Art is in the eye of the beholder.   Determining what constitutes art, as well as pornography, has been a cherished pastime of many.  In Italy, a cleaning lady decided that crumbs left on the floor of a gallery were garbage. I believe most of us would come to that conclusion as well.   Apparently, they were not crumbs but a modern-day art piece worth over $13,000.  Well, we now have a new method for determining art: leave it on the floor and see where it ends up. Congress-your move.


Wig Art. Nicki Minaj long-known more for her attire, including her wigs, than her music, is being sued by a wig artist. Terrence Davidson, the wig guru, is suing Minaj for over 30 million dollars, accusing her of stealing his wig designs.  Her wigs are at times fabulous and always outrageous.  Question is are they worth 30 million dollars.   Again, art is in the eye of the beholder and what the court will allow.


The Art of making a sell. A very ambitious girl scout entrepreneur sold 117 Girl Scout Cookie Boxes in two hours. I do not know what the world record for girl scout cookie sales is but this seems mighty impressive.  What is even more impressive is that she had a pretty solid business plan. She set up shop outside a California Marijuana dispensary.  Munchies!  Now that is an artful business plan.


Brainless Art.   A Barbie-obsessed adult woman wants to be a Barbie girl.  As the band Aqua noted many years ago, “life is plastic. It’s fantastic.”   A woman by the name of Blondie Bennett loves Barbie so much that she is using hypnotherapy to become dumber (decrease her IQ) so that she can be the ultimate Barbie. I do not believe that she needs much more help with that.


The art of superstition.    There has been an increase in the number of giant squid being caught by Japanese fisherman as of late.  They believe it is an omen but an omen of what?  Maybe it’s an omen of a new film franchise featuring a giant squid, wearing a long wig over its eyes, coming from the oceans and wells.

Have a great weekend folks!

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  1. I love your wacky news posts! You and I must read the same news stories. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well. Oh, to be weekending in NYC! I’m headed to the Tanger Oulets today to go bra shopping–I’d much rather be where you are!


  2. Very humorous. I particularly liked the 10 year old boy making his claim for freedom. I also recognise some of those situations as everyday occurrences in our household, save for the Barbie Girl, not a blonde hair to be found. A friend had his $30,000.00 painting Mr.Sheen-ed by an over zealous cleaner and boy! he thought that was funny! I don’t know the painting you have presented in the photograph but I suspect it may be a Selfie as this is the artist of the moment.B


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