Whimsy in a bottle: Rock concerts, road trips, cocktails and slides

Whimsy in a bottle: Rock concerts, cocktails and slides

Because of the nature of work lately, I was not able to go on holiday vacation this past season. I had a little bit of a staycation during December but I still somehow managed to work. Ok. Let me rephrase. Somehow, I still allowed myself to get roped into the work grind by putting out fires and writing up a storm.  I daydream of vacations and look up cruises, flights and train rides to nowhere.  I don’t see the workload letting up anytime soon as there are things to do and people to see. Starting next week I will go back on back-to-back road trips: Orlando, Montgomery and St. Louis to name a few. Not that there is anything wrong with those places but they do not inspire much hope that there will be fun time on the road.   And no, I do not consider Disney World fun.  Whenever the song of “it’s a small world afterall” comes on, I instead hear “it’s a cruel world afterall.”   Sometimes, while engaged in putting on an event on the road and having to be a walking talking head, all you can dream of is taking off the heels and lounging on the king size bed with no kids knocking on the bathroom door. That is somewhat the nature of my upcoming fun time. Good times, eh?

A few years back, while out on business travel to Washington, DC, I got a chance to attend a Juanes concert. Now, mind you, I am not a super fan. I only had ever downloaded one of his songs. But a concert is a concert and it was a blast. While my original seat was farther back, I made my way all the way up to the front row. I didn’t know all the words to his songs so I just screamed like a school girl. Why not? When you are in the midst of a concert, especially the front row, the script calls for screaming. At least my rock concert script that is; as well as Taylor Swift’s script.  Poor girl, I do believe the media was a bit cruel making fun of her dancing at the Grammy awards. Music is for dancing.  That same night we then went out for karaoke followed by pizza at 2am. That was truly a fun night after working very, very hard all day long. I now have four Juanes songs on my IPod.

If you can’t go out for a concert while on the road, one can take an hour lunch for a cocktail. It’s about time that the martini lunches make a comeback. If the work environment can continue to get more and more stressful, then martinis should be a given. If alcohol is not your thing, go out and get a smoothie.  Or better yet, get some banana pudding. One day I was so tired at work, I went on a 20 block walk to get the most awesome banana pudding there is. Sugar up!

On the weekends, there are the occasional times where I still need to work on some time sensitive document. Instances like those, I like to go on random short car trips to sleepy towns where I can walk in and out of antique stores and grab a root beer at the local diner.   I dress my son in a rocking stylin outfit and we hit the road. Generally, small quaint towns also have cute little children parks where my son can go and slide down over 100 times to his delight.  Such a moment is pure whimsy. A time for whimsy is always needed for both adults and kids. Watching him giggle in delight warms my heart over 100 times or more.  Those memories are mine and I can tap into them at the darkest hardest hour.

Considering that the road will be well-traveled soon, if I had my druthers, I would conjure up several fun time moments and wrap them up all together and place them in a bottle. When bored I could then shake the bottle up and see the fun bubble up and out.

If I could I would bottle up whimsy in the guise of an impromptu road trip, a concert or a sugary moment of zen.  How wondrous if I could carry said bottle with me everywhere and give it a shake or two when I’m down or stressed out and see what pops out and just go with it.

In this modern day of the hustle and bustle around every corner, we all could use a little whimsy and let our proverbial hair down. Go ahead and bust a move!

Inspired by the daily prompt: Nothing but a good time

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  1. Ah! The road trip. How under-rated is the road trip? Your escapes remind me of the very same times I had with my son at a young age. Find a small town after ‘Getting hopelessly lost’ driving, and then hit the playground. Great fun. Oh! And if you are looking for a soul feast and a place to re-ignite the inner you, try the mountains and breathe in that quiet sweet air. I suggest the Kimberley Western Australia, an amazing place the connects life with living.B


    • so sweet to hear of your adventures with your son! I just love those “Getting hopelessly lost’ driving adventures. They are truly the best. I am actually hoping to make it to australia this summer for a work conference in which my son will join me. I look forward to many cool side trips 🙂


      • Please, please consider the Kimberley. We took a trip there this year and chartered a boat so we could trip fro island to Island. After travelling for some time, this has got to be the most beautiful, spiritual experience I have found so far. A feast of Ah! Moments. Sorry for the sales pitch, but you get my drift.B


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