What to make of Megxit

The year, nascent as it is, has become one rollercoaster bump after the other. What else besides earthquakes, possible war, airplane crashes happened this week? Well, this is not that huge when compared to these global events. However, it’s an interesting and silly so-called shocking event. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan announced rather unexpectedly that they were going to step back as senior members of the royal family. In other words, they’ve had enough. And, let me tell you there are many people out there who have similarly (well in everyday life) stepped back from family. From toxic family situations, more specifically. That is, at the end of the day, what I’m getting out of this news event.

When Meghan met Harry, she knew he was a Prince. She also knew that there was going to be intense media spotlight. She’s an actress, afterall. Thus, one can argue that she knew what she was getting into. However, it’s one thing to know about it beforehand and it’s another thing to live and breathe it everyday.

Millions of people around the world watched their wedding. Many were hoping for that fairy tale life to follow the fairy tale wedding. There was the underlying hope that comes with all the tales we were told as children, that there was going to be a happily ever after life. The books end there. Now, we are past the book endings.

In popular culture, we are seeing these trends as well. For instance, across many television shows Superman has hung up his tights in order to settle down with his family. Superman needed to take a break from saving the world repeatedly and just be a family man. This is a common theme these days. Why shouldn’t Harry and Meghan want out? Of course, it is not that easy. He is royalty. Society has funded his life and lifestyle. Question is what route will they take towards financial independence? And, will society let them be?

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  1. If the monarchy is to survive, it must change to one that at least appears more human. I am sure the incidents surrounding his mother’s misery and ultimate demise are foremost in Harry’s mind. Whether Meghan or Harry made the decision, all whose existence seems to hang vicariously from other people’s lives should respect that. It is time to respect celebrities for who they are and what they do, rather than revere them as gods. They are human too.

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  2. There was so much nastiness and racism directed at her from the British people and press it was mind boggling. I doubt she expected that. I couldn’t believe the comments I saw on twitter and elsewhere… horrible! I fully understand their decision to step away.

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  3. “Megxit” It’s a bit the Opposite of “Brexit”
    as the First exits the Traditional and the Last
    Grasps For Traditional With Every Breath even if
    ‘Trauma Bonding’ is the only way to keep a ‘UniForm’ Life…
    Birds Have Wings
    And so do Chickens
    And Turkeys With So Many
    Colorful Tail Feathers Like
    Priests and All their Colorful Robes…
    Just another Sign really of the Breakdown
    of the Traditional in the Western World it seems to me..
    Nature overall likely Happy as without Tradition Humans
    Lose the Glue of Empathy and the Reproduction that comes with
    that as Information Technology replaces the Human Touch all the way
    as far as that goes.. When a Species Over consumes the Environment
    The Culling Comes from outside or within.. it’s worth noting to me too that
    Is just
    A Terminator
    Arm of Nature
    Yes.. a Double Edged Sword..
    reminds me of the Change i saw at
    the End of my Work Career as when i rose
    through Administration i oversaw operations
    as diverse as Food Service.. Auto Repair Facilities
    Financial Management.. Information Technology Support
    Accounting.. Recreation.. Life Guards and Pool Operations..
    Athletics.. Yes Team Sports.. Gym and Fitness Center.. Community
    Center.. Bowling Center.. yes starting out Serving Shoes Behind a Counter
    at a Military Bowling Center.. close to Minimum wage after 3 College Degrees…
    Status and Power has Never Meant Anything to me as long as i had enough money
    to Live.. i had no choice but to move up the Ladder if i wanted to keep on Surviving as
    ain’t that life.. one of the ‘New Millennials’ Working at the Auto Repair Shop was a true Tech
    Whiz.. He had skills that then would allow him to eventually go anywhere.. my Boss Went
    into the Shop And
    Was Aghast that
    he didn’t seem
    to know
    important he was..
    thing is.. he wasn’t
    important outside that
    Job And that Job wasn’t
    The Begin All End All of that
    Young Man’s Life.. People who are
    slave to ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ will
    Sell their Soul if that is what it takes to keep
    that Pomp And Circumstance i.e. “Modern Republicans”.

    Slave to the Golden Hand-cuffs of Early Federal Retirement
    Lifelong Health Benefits for Family too i sold my Soul for 66 Months too..
    Yes i made a Deal with the Devil and Had to Pay the Debt off First in my case at least.

    “Land of Hope and Glory, Mother of the Free,
    How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
    Wider still and wider shall thy bounds be set;
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet,
    God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet.”

    Know Your Place
    Human no Greater
    Than Less than a Grain of Sand
    Raising Up Love of Freedom or Pomp And Circumstance.

    “It’s usually what one hears these days before the Student Loans come due too…”

    As almost everything in Life Becomes ‘a Bond of Trauma’ rather than Wings Flying…


  4. Harry keeps climbing in my personal estimation. He and Meghan are the very best of the royal family, IMHO. Royals are just a big soap opera anyhow. A grand Kabuki dance. They did right to step back.

    I’m sure there will be no shortage of takers to hire either or both of them on for good money and for good causes. You don’t need vast wealth or an intense spotlight to be happy or pursue things you believe in.

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  5. I’m not so sure they want society to let them be. After all both have been in the spotlight for a while and suddenly being ignored would be a shock. Doubt that will ever happen. I predict they’ll both write books.

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