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Parker Posey where are you?

  She loved catching Off Broadway shows, watching random celebrities in off-kilter humor. She once saw Parker Posey doing a phenomenally quirky job and became her biggest fan. She caught Posey’s films, one after the other.   Then life got complicated and she didn’t catch any other Posey films. Where […]

Where did she go?

  Everyone in the neighborhood knew her as the lady with the shopping cart.  Everywhere and anytime she could be found with it. Her idea was that one never would know when you needed to carry stuff that was just to much to bear.  It seemed too close […]

The emotional spigot

The emotional spigot Living life with an emotional spigot can be hard at times. You can keep the faucet shut and allow emotional drips here and there. Then occasionally you need to widely open that faucet so that the emotions can flood out and not swell up one’s […]